Congratulations to everyone who competed in November’s HiB30 Challenge! All of the Challengers were entered to win some pretty amazing prizes and here are a few of the big winners this time around! Stay tuned for more posts throughout the month with other hiking winners and their stories. Thanks to our Hike it Baby Prize Partners at Altra Running, Avex Sport, Bern Unlimited, Keekaroo, and the Hike it Baby Shop, we can give these lucky winners an incredible prizes! Do you want to be eligible to win from these great companies and many more? All you have to do is join in the next HiB30 Challenge in January! It’s that easy and so much fun!

What prize did you win? How excited are you about it?

Altra Running Shoes
Rosemary Null hiked with Lucy (6 months) and said, “Altra running shoes! I’m pretty pumped to get new running shoes. I haven’t been successful in getting back to running after Lucy was born. There’s nothing like new gear to get me back out there.”

Another lucky winner won his or her choice of Altra Running Shoes!

Avex Freeride Kids Bottle
Jami Anderson hiked with her daughter and said, “I got a cool water bottle. It’s ironic and fitting because I never drink enough water.”

Tiffany Quinn hiked with Eddie (2.5 years) and Sully (3 months) and said, “A kids water bottle…THRILLED! My tot seriously has a thing for water bottles and he will be so excited to have a special hiking one!”

Bern Nino or Nina bike helmet
Dawn Lems hiked with Hannah (1 year) and said, “We won a Bern Nina helmet! This will be great for when Hannah starts learning to ride a bike! It looks cute which she will love and is a good safe helmet which I love!”

Keekaroo Cafe Booster
One lucky winner won a Keekaroo Cafe Booster!

Hike it Baby Onesie
Angela Watson hiked with Max (19 months) and said, “Max won a Hike it Baby tee. He’ll be wearing it with pride.”

How many miles and/or minutes did you achieve?

Rosemary – 38.5 miles.

Jami – 31.20 miles.

Tiffany – 30.02 miles and 1,163 minutes.

Angela – We barely made it over 30 miles. I think it was around 30.4.

What did you enjoy most about this HiB30 Challenge?

Rosemary – Being outside with my family. The challenge got me out on evenings after work when under normal circumstances we would have just hung out inside.

Jami – Getting out of the house even while the days are getting colder, shorter, and grayer.

Tiffany – I loved getting outside every day no matter what the weather was doing. It was fun having a good excuse to explore new trails and see what kind of adventure we would encounter each day, it was always something! I loved being jointly committed to a goal with my sweet boys and spending boundless time together with nothing to distract us from each other. I loved hearing all my 2.5 year old had to say when we were hiking. I especially loved the day we hiked our local mountain trail and on the way down, infant strapped to me, and toddler walking on his own we passed a couple of teenagers heading up who had to stop and take a break and were red faced and out of breath staring wide eyed at the toddler conquering the trail with a smile on his face, “wow, good job…” They said. That was a sweet moment! I loved the challenge and getting up every day and saying, “here we go!”

Dawn – I liked that even though it was a rough month with lots of illness, travel, and icky weather it pushed us to get outside, if even for a little bit, way more than we would have otherwise. I like the challenge for a bit of accountability for ensuring that we are meeting our personal goals for getting our child outside and enjoying it!

Angela – We live in Houston, so we really enjoyed the cooler weather. We even had to wear long sleeves a couple of times!

Who helped keep your family motivated the most to get outside?

Rosemary – Daddy was amazing at pushing the issue. He certainly enjoyed several long walks outside with Lucy.

Tiffany – You! Fellow members of HIB30 November. Every step, every hike we thought of you all, out there across the country doing the same thing and it kept us going!!!

Dawn – I was definitely the main motivator for getting outside. However, my husband was also huge in supporting Hannah and I on getting out. In addition, seeing us go out all the time made him want to come with more and more so we had more family outings as well which is always great!

Angela – Max loves going outside, and I love the exercise, so it was a team effort.

November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (2) November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (1)November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (3)

What accomplishment are you most proud of this Challenge?

Rosemary – Tackling a relatively primitive trail in hocking hills Ohio. We made 6.5 miles with Lucy. I would have never imagined doing that before HiB.

Jami – Not one meltdown during any hike – she loved it!

Tiffany – That we were outside, walking, EVERY MT with temps at a high of 1 some days, and piles of blowing snow, it was quite the feat!

Dawn – I am proud of the fact that we were able to overcome the challenges of sickness, weather, and travel and still were able to get outdoors regularly. Though we are a pretty outdoorsy family, all of those are reasons that I previously would have turned into excuses not to get outdoors. Now they are just reasons to maybe adjust our plans a bit- we are getting outside either way!

Angela – I’m proud that we made it to 30 miles, despite 2 colds, several rainy days, and the Thanksgiving holiday madness.

Why should families around the world join in the HiB30 Challenges?

Jami – If you can commit to just one mile a day, even if it’s only around the block in your neighborhood, you’ve done it! A mile is probably shorter than you think. Go with another mom or a friend and it’s even better.

Tiffany – For the bonding between parent and child in nature. Children’s spirits thrive when they are outside and it is quite possibly the most magical treasure to witness.

Dawn – It really helps keep you focused day to day. Instead of trying to make huge hiking trips just occasionally (which can be a daunting task with a baby!), it turned the focus into shorter hikes and walks which is much more doable and likely to happen more consistently. More consistent walks makes it easier to learn to adjust to the changing challenges with growing kiddos- we have a baby that just learned to walk and is wanting to do that more and more (new challenge!); the weather keeps changing so we are having to figure out different layering systems and how to carry (new challenge!); we recently moved and are still learning what trails, walks, and parks are around us that we like (new exploration challenge!). The Challenge for me just helped change my mindset into “how are we going to get outside today” so that it is becoming more and more just a part of everyday life!

Angela – Hiking with baby is healthy and fun for both of us. We definitely get out more during the challenge months. It’s a great incentive.

Did you have a moment when you thought you may not make the goal you set for yourself? How did you get past it?

Jami – I had to make up some miles during the Thanksgiving holidays, but I just walked where I was visiting.

Tiffany – Yes, when the temperatures dropped below zero. I looked at my child and his eagerness to go explore, to go on an adventure and I couldn’t deny him that. We bundled up layer upon layer and remembered our promise to ourselves that we would complete this challenge and hiked on. It was fun, thrilling, and new on those days and it kept us determined!

Dawn – We had a lot of moments like this! Because of all of our challenges, we had to back off from the mileage goal and just switch the mindset to the outdoor time goal. It wasn’t what we anticipated, but keeping the focus on just getting outside helped us get that time in and appreciate the fresh air and play time instead of being disappointed at the lack of miles.

Angela – I thought that several times, but I didn’t stress and got outside whenever we could. In the end, we just barely made it.


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