Congratulations to everyone who competed in November’s HiB30 Challenge! All of the Challengers were entered to win some pretty amazing prizes and here are a few of the big winners this time around! Read more posts in the Hike it Baby Blog with other hiking winners and their stories. Thanks to our Hike it Baby Prize Partners at BuffUSA, Chums, Field Trip Jerkey, Milkmakers Lactation Cookies, and, we can give these lucky winners incredible prizes! Do you want to be eligible to win from these great companies and many more? All you have to do is join in the next HiB30 Challenge! It’s that easy and so much fun!

November ’15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (3) November ’15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (2) November ’15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (2) November ’15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (1)

What prize did you win? How excited are you about it?

Buffs UV Buff
Jess (and Nico) Tarquinio hiked with Ronan, 4 months, and said, “We won a UV Buff! We are excited to get more equipment for our outdoor explorations in the future!”.

Sarah Moore
hiked with Indila, and said, “I won a Buffs UV buff, which will be fun to try out! I’ve never heard of it before but it looks awesome and very versatile.”.      

Chums Tech Case PED Case
Michelle Bullard hiked with Hayden, 5 months, and said, “Chums Tech PED chase, I was very excited to win as I figured it being my first challenge it was unlikely to win! I plan to attach it to my hiking backpack to store my cellphone or snack for easy access!”.

Katie Ellis
hiked with Connor, 3, and said, “I won a Chums Tech Case. I had no idea what it was until I looked, and now that I know, I’m pretty excited!! I will definitely be taking it along on hikes with us, and I love the belt loop, since I’m always struggling to find places to put all of our things on hikes.”.

Moriah Butler
hiked with Caroline, 3 years, and Allen, 9 months, and said, “I won the Chums Tech PED case. I’m excited to use this case to store my camera in a safe place outside of the backpack, so my camera will be ready in the moment.”      

Field Trip Jerky prize package
Kaitlin Servant  hiked with Charlotte and Elise and said, “I won Field Trip Jerky and I can’t wait to try it! We are always looking for snacks to take with us on hikes and my husband loves jerky so it’s perfect for us.”

Milkmakers Lactation Cookies: Combo Flavor Bakery Box
Amy Pierno  hiked with Anna, 19 months, and said, “I won the milk maker cookie package! I’m excited to try these for future reference- I am nursing a toddler but not struggling with supply right now. so depending on the expiration I may donate these to a new nursing mama!” 12-month membership
One lucky winner is receiving a 6 month membership!
One other lucky winner is receiving a 12-month membership!

How many miles and/or minutes did you achieve?

November ’15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (5)Jess – 17.35 miles

Sarah– 561 minutes

Michelle – 30 miles, 1,395 minutes

Katie – 13.75 miles, 1209 minutes

Kaitlin – 46 miles, 2,235 mins

Amy – 37.5 miles and lots of minutes!!

What did you enjoy most about this HiB30 Challenge?

Jess – We enjoyed exploring different Vermont trails, exposing Ronan to the outdoors, and being together!

Sarah – An extra motivation to get out on the trails!

Michelle – I enjoyed being outside enjoying the fall colors, we just moved back to this area and it allowed me to hike some of my favorite trails and encouraged me to get out and try new ones. Also just getting myself and my son out of the house, even on the cold days it gave me the nudge I needed to just get outside and get some fresh air!

Katie – The motivation to get outside, even though a large chunk of the month was terribly cold! We enjoyed playing in the snow and our neighborhood walks with the dogs. We managed 13 kid-led miles (although I’m convinced he probably walked twice that while exploring. Need to attach a pedometer to him!!).

Moriah – This month I enjoyed trying for my goal for minutes outside. I knew with my busy schedule that trying for miles wasn’t going to work out for me…and would’ve been disappointed. But the minutes I knew was something I could strive for. My husband is gone a lot for work, so I like the motivate to go and do something I enjoy anyway.

Kaitlin – We had amazing weather in New England this Fall. The challenge definitely pushed me to get outside more than I would have otherwise. We fit in short hikes on days we might not have and longer ones on other days. Our branch is relatively new so we really used it to help motivate everyone to get out more.

Amy – The challenge absolutely made me opt outside far more than I would have otherwise, it has helped solidify my child’s love for being outside. We’re not  afraid of the cold or the dark or the wind or the rain! Thanks HIB! Our Pioneer Valley MA group is awesome and I’m do grateful to be part of the local community and see our partners across the country through the challenges!

Who helped keep your family motivated the most to get outside?

November ’15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (6)Jess – Ronan (though I’m not sure he knew it!)–he is a curious baby and loved getting outside and exploring!

Sarah – Having friends to talk to while hiking 🙂

Michelle – The challenge itself was a great motivator, I tried to get outside a do a small walk everyday, some days it just couldn’t happens because of our schedule, but most days even my husband would say, “did you get your mile in today?”

Katie – Me and grandma! We both make an effort to get outside and play as much as possible.

Moriah – The others who post on the Facebook page have helped motivate me to get outside when the weather was crummy. Normally we stay inside when it is cold and rainy, even though before having children I was outside in the rain all the time. This month when the weather was rainy and windy, my family still went for walk around the block.

Kaitlin – Hikes are quickly becoming a part of our daily lives. My girls wake up some days asking where we’re hiking today.

Amy – Mom’s push at the beginning turned into openness from dad and baby to see it through and surpass our mileage goals! 

What accomplishment are you most proud of in this Challenge?

November ’15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (1)Jess – I’m proud that we were able to get out and log as many miles as we did! Though we didn’t hit 30 miles, we were able to get just over half! I am proud that we found new places to explore and were able to start a new and healthy habit!

Sarah – Getting out even when it started getting colder.

Michelle – I’m proud of the fact that even in one of the rainiest months I hiked 30 miles, with a baby attached to me!

Katie – I’m proud that we got almost all kid-walked miles! We didn’t make the 30 miles, but I’m happy to let my son walk as much as possible, and he did just that!

Moriah – I’m happy that I was able to bundle up two young children to play outside while it was cold. It is hard enough with one child, but now I have two and twice the work in order to go for a short hike. Sometimes the amount of effort seems pointless, but when we finally get outside and I see their faces…it’s worth the extra effort to add the layers.

Kaitlin – I’m proud of how much time we spent outdoors and how many hikes we led, allowing other families to get outside.

Amy  – Over 16 miles on the trail! I wanted to get into nature and off the road more, it took commitment to that with the challenge of daylight being a working mom.  

Why should families around the world join in the HiB30 Challenges?

November ’15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (1)Jess – Because getting outside is FREE and fun! There is nothing like connecting back to nature with your loved ones and watching your little one soak in the moments outside!

Sarah – The challenge is a fun way to visualize how much time you’re enjoying outside, and how many miles you’re accomplishing while doing it!

Michelle – Families should definitely join, this was our first challenge and I’ve only been hiking with HiB for a few months. The challenge was a great motivator to get at least one good hike in every week, it helped us to go on hikes I might not regularly go on, and in turn we met a lot of really great people. It was so much better than sitting at home!

Katie – It’s great motivation to get your family outside! There are so many other things we could be doing, and taking time out of your day to get fresh air and spend quality time with your kids and other families is so important! With our busy lives, it’s hard to make getting outdoors a priority. Joining in on the Hike it Baby 30 challenges has helped me remember how important getting outdoors is! It’s so fun seeing the posts in the Facebook group, and seeing everyone completing their goals.

Moriah – Exploring outside offers many benefits for the entire family. Fresh air, exercise, learning opportunities, stress-reliever, etc.

Kaitlin – The challenges are a fun and inspiring way to support HIB. They’re also a great way to connect with families all over the world who are participating. It’s so interesting to see the different terrain and climates that other families are hiking in.

Amy – Get out, explore, unplug! We all need it, it’s really therapeutic and inspiring to be part of this awesome community.

Did you have a moment when you thought you may not make the goal you set for yourself? How did you get past it?

Jess – There were days where we didn’t get much sleep and were tired. It’s so easy to settle in front of the television! With a little one, the time goes so fast and I didn’t want to waste it! Even when we were tired, we made an effort to be together!

Sarah – Well I didn’t quite achieve my goal, which I realized once I remembered we’d be out of town for the week of thanksgiving, but I’m still proud of the accomplishment we did make, which was a lot of wonderful minutes spent outside!

Michelle – The end of the month was a huge struggle with the holidays and traveling. I just kept telling myself if we couldn’t make it to the miles goal that we could atleast just get outside for a few minutes, because getting my son outside in nature was the biggest goal!

Katie – About a week in, we got a little off track. It was my goal to take the dogs for a walk at least 3 times per week and get out on a HIB hike at least once a week. We did make that goal, and I’m happy with it! It got even harder with the cold, cold week we had, but our #optoutside hike we went on made me realize we can definitely battle though the temps and get out for some fresh air for a short walk!

Kaitlin – I didn’t put too much pressure on myself to hit a certain goal. I just wanted to hike as often as possible and motivate others to do the same.


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