Congratulations to everyone who competed in November’s HiB30 Challenge! All of the Challengers were entered to win some pretty amazing prizes and here are a few of the big winners this time around! Stay tuned for more posts throughout the month with other hiking winners and their stories. Thanks to our Hike it Baby Prize Partners at Leatherman, Life Factory, Life is Good, Mizu, Monkey Mat, and the Hike it Baby Shop, we can give these lucky winners an incredible prizes! Do you want to be eligible to win from these great companies and many more? All you have to do is join in the next HiB30 Challenge in January! It’s that easy and so much fun!

What prize did you win? How excited are you about it?

Leatherman Leap Kids MultiTool
Suzanne Halekas hiked with Arlo (1 year) and said, “The kids leatherman! I’m cautiously excited! I’m not 100% sure my four-year-old is ready for it, but we’ll check it out when it arrives and set it aside if we need to.”

Another lucky winner won a Kids MultiTool from Leatherman!

Life Factory 4 Bottle Starter Set
Lori Downs hiked with Emsley (1 year) and said, “I won the life factory starter bottles kit…unfortunately we no longer use bottles but I just found out a very close friend of mine is expecting so I’ll be giving them to her! I’m still super excited because I never win anything!!!”

Life is Good Classic Chill Cap
Catherine Zowine hiked with Joey and said, “I won a Life Is Good cap! I’m so excited and have been looking for a good cap to shield my eyes from the sun, so I’m pretty stoked!”

Another lucky winner won a cap from Life is Good!

Mizu Water Bottle
Becky Jensen Tanner hiked with Nicolette and said, “I won the Mizo water bottle! I’m really looking forward to having a sturdy water bottle that keeps my water cool since I hike in a lot of warm places.”

Monkey Mat
One lucky winner won a Monkey Mat!

Hike it Baby T-shirt
Sandra Kasper hiked with Charlotte (15 months) and said, “I won a Hike It Baby T-shirt and I can’t wait to wear it.”

How many miles and/or minutes did you achieve?

Suzanne – 81.63 miles and 2,920 minutes.

Lori – 46.35 miles and 1,815 minutes.

Catherine – 32 miles.

Sandra – 34.7 miles.

What did you enjoy most about this HiB30 Challenge?

Suzanne – Seeing the folks with extreme weather just powering through any getting out there. So inspiring!

Lori – My daughter and I have been going on walks pretty much daily since she was born so now that she’s getting older and more interested in her surroundings I enjoyed the outside play time. It also was something we did more as a family when my husband wasn’t working.

Catherine – As with the last challenge, Joey and I just love exploring our new town and all of the local history!

Sandra – I enjoyed spending time with my family outside.

Who helped keep your family motivated the most to get outside?

Suzanne – Probably me, though the kids do their part. My older son’s outdoor preschool pick-up is at a local park/playground, and the challenge helped me to just go with their flow and play an extra 30-60 minutes at pick-up, rather than rushing them to the car.

Lori – As far as the walks I did but it was generally my husband when it came to the outside playing.

Catherine – Seeing photos posted by others helps inspire me.

Becky – My 7-month-old daughter helped motivate me the most. She has to get outside for at least a few minutes every day to touch nature and to breath it in. It makes all the difference in her mood and even how well she sleeps at night!

Sandra – My 15 month old daughter is extremely restless and going outside always seems to be the solution.

What accomplishment are you most proud of this Challenge?

November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners!Suzanne – I really wanted to explore the full length of a local trail (5 miles each way). I figured I *could* do it, but wasn’t sure if it would be painful to do so. I went for it, baby in stroller, and ran the full 10 miles. It was great!

Lori – To know that I didn’t keep my very active toddler inside for over 1,800 minutes in a 3 week period! (I didn’t join the challenge until the 2nd week)

Catherine – Pushing myself to get us out in the cool weather.

Sandra – None of our walks were more than a mile and a half, yet we still managed to walk more than 30 miles by walking every day.

Why should families around the world join in the HiB30 Challenges?

Suzanne – It’s just a great way to make daily outdoor time an assumption and part of the routine. 30 miles in 30 days isn’t really challenging, if you get out regularly, but if you let too many days go by without outdoor time, that backlog really piles up! so I think it’s great motivation to not let so many days pass cooped up inside!

Lori – Bring water! And when you’re going on the walks whether it be pavement or trails try not to go when you have something you have to do immediately after so you’re not rushed and can let your little ones explore and even lead the walks.

Catherine – Getting outdoors is great for mind, body and soul!

Sandra – The HIB30 Challenge is a great excuse to get outside the house. Our family tends to walk almost every day and it’s amazing to see how many miles we get in with these daily walks.

Did you have a moment when you thought you may not make the goal you set for yourself? How did you get past it?

Suzanne – Not really… I had a 30 miles on trail goal and I loaded myself up with enough hike lead responsibilities that success was guaranteed.

Lori – I set very small goals so I wouldn’t get discouraged so I can’t really answer this one.

Catherine – Joey and I didn’t reach my goal of 60 miles due to illness.

Sandra – My 15 month old daughter has some challenges and recently stopped tolerating walks longer than 30 minutes. We had to stick close to home for all of our walks, so I figured that we would never make it to 30 miles. We walked at least once every day and our longest walk was only a little over a mile. All of these short walks added up to over 30 miles for the month.


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