Congratulations to everyone who competed in November’s HiB30 Challenge! All of the Challengers were entered to win some pretty amazing prizes and here are a few of the big winners this time around! Stay tuned for more posts throughout the month with other hiking winners and their stories. Thanks to our Hike it Baby Prize Partners at Native Eyewear, Oboz Footwear, Onanoff, Petzl, and Prism Kites, we can give these lucky winners an incredible prizes! Do you want to be eligible to win from these great companies and many more? All you have to do is join in the next HiB30 Challenge in January! It’s that easy and so much fun!

What prize did you win? How excited are you about it?

Native Sunglasses
Bethany Cheng hiked with Dominic (21 months) and said, “Got a pair of sunglasses – I think the hiking Daddy may get them for his contributions! I’m excited because this is my first time winning something during a challenge!”

Oboz Footwear (winner’s choice)
Elizabeth Saunders hiked with Austin Saunders (4 months) and said, “I won Oboz shoes! I’m so excited about them!!! I can’t wait to start trail running in them! They have serious soles and grip so they are going to be awesome on the snow this winter! Austin and I are going to try to run the majority of our miles for the next challenge!”

Onanoff Buddy Phones
One lucky winner won a pair of headphones for kids!

Petzl Tikkina Headlamp
Tara Latulippe hiked with Aubrey (19 months) and said, “I won the Petzl Tikkina Headlamp! I am really excited! I have a headlamp at my house now and I use it more often than I ever thought I would. We have a seasonal campsite for the summer and it will be great to have a headlamp there too!”

Prism Kites Bora 5 Single-Line Kite
Milissa Young hiked with Kaden (3 years) and Emily (8 months) and said, “I won the kite kit. I am beyond excited to get it and take my kids to the beach and teach them how to use a kite!! Thank you!!!”

Heather Yale hiked with Eden (1 year) and Scott (5 months) and said, “We won a Bora 5 Single-Line Kite from Prism Kites. I am through the roof, talking fast and loud excited about it. I don’t think I have ever flown a kite successfully so I am looking forward to learning how. I hope that this will be a case where having the right materials makes all the difference. I am also looking forward to enjoying another great outdoor activity and sending my toddler chasing about.”

How many miles and/or minutes did you achieve?

Bethany – 2,340 minutes.

Elizabeth – 57.1 miles and 1,281 minutes.

Tara – 24.08 miles.

Heather – 36.15 miles and 1895 minutes.

What did you enjoy most about this HiB30 Challenge?

November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners!Bethany – The reminder to get outside with my toddler even when I didn’t feel like it. He would be outside rain or shine, but sometimes I get caught up in the busy busy of life. It was good for both of us to spend some extra hours gardening in our yard, playing at the park, and hiking with friends.

Elizabeth – It was great to have the motivation to get outside during the cold and dark winter! There were a couple days where it didn’t get above zero but I knew I would go out for a walk because I wanted to get the miles!!

Tara – The push to get outside even when the weather was getting cold.

Milissa – The challenge to get outside more and getting to see so many others on the FB page doing it too.

Heather – I loved the extra motivation to get outside. It challenged me to learn how to keep my children comfortable in the cooler weather and has made it so that I can look forward to still getting out during the coming winter months. I also loved being able to see the posts from everyone else working on the challenge-to share in their triumphs and struggles and to know that they would be there to support my family as well.

Who helped keep your family motivated the most to get outside?

Bethany – My husband did most of the miles we achieved because the time change had our son getting up at 4-5am for weeks. Sometimes an early walk is the only way to cope with a sleepless toddler.

Elizabeth – My husband was a great motivation for all of us to get outside. Austin and I would walk during the day then we would wait for my husband to get home and go out for a run or a ski with him.

Tara – I would have to say myself. My daughter is too young to push for it yet and my husband has to be dragged along.

Milissa – See so many pictures and stories of others getting outside on the Facebook page.

Heather – Our extended family lives far away but both my mom and my mother-in-law showed an interest and asked about if we were going hiking that day or how our hikes went.

What accomplishment are you most proud of this Challenge?

Bethany – A toddler led hike turned into a back carry hike when I was 29 weeks pregnant. And we rocked it.

Elizabeth – During this challenge my family did a backpacking trip. We haven’t been backpacking since Austin was born and I’m very proud of the fact that we got out and did it!! We hiked 8 miles in and 8 miles out and I carried my backpack and Austin on the front.

Tara – Hiking trails I haven’t hiked before.

Heather – I learned how to tandem carry my children. I love this because when I don’t have to rely on the stroller for one or both of them I am able to more of the trail hikes that I really love.

Why should families around the world join in the HiB30 Challenges?

Bethany – Start small, go with a group, find a good carrier for baby, and wear supportive shoes!

Elizabeth – The challenge is such a great motivation. Even if you’re just going out for a short walk it motivates you to go most days. The best way to start is to start small and these challenges are totally doable for everyone!

Tara – It’s a great way to get out with other families, enjoy nature, and get exercise. There is absolutely no pressure, but plenty of motivation. No matter how different people are, their parenting styles are, their beliefs are – everyone shares a common goal. Most of all, you get to meet great people and it is a lot of fun!

Milissa – It makes you realize how much more you can get outside. I thought we already spent a lot of time outside this just showed me we can spend more time outside and hiking.

Heather – Because it is the best thing ever. I really believe that being outside helps people to be happier and better able to cope with life. The challenges are great because they give you the motivation to do those things that maybe seem hard and are so easy to put off for “later”.
For families that are new to hiking I recommend starting where you are. Many people take their children to the park in strollers or carriers. Start by doing a lap around the park before playing. With my daughter were started doing small neighborhood walks before bed to help her calm down and be settled. You don’t have to jump out on some mountain trek the first day or month or year.

Did you have a moment when you thought you may not make the goal you set for yourself? How did you get past it?

Tara – I did not make the goal I set for myself. We fell 6 miles shy of hitting the 30 mile mark. We hit almost 40 miles the last challenge so I was a little disappointed this this around. I figure there is always the next challenge. I will just have to push myself a bit harder next time around. 24 miles is better than not hiking at all!

Heather – At the beginning of the challenge I was concerned that the walking we were already doing wasn’t going to add up to enough. I had never really tracked it before. I wanted to push us more but then I remembered to be sane. I took a step back and instead of trying to do more I decided I would make more of the things that we already did. I took the kids with me when I walked to the mail box. We went a little bit further on our evening walks. We did a hike every time we went to the park.



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