We just wrapped up another great Hike it Baby 30 Challenge—the last one of 2016!
We’d like to thank our Hike it Baby prize donors for the great prizes they provided for November’s HiB30. The winning participants were entered into the prize drawings simply by signing up to achieve 30 miles in 30 days OR spend 30 minutes outside 3 times per week with their families.


Hike it Baby hosts the HiB30 Challenge four times per year. Families from all over the globe come together to challenge themselves and encourage each other, forming a supportive and inspiring community. Over the course of November’s challenge, 1,124 families achieved a grand total of 20,422 miles and 904,645 minutes outside. That’s amazing!

Thank you to these prize donors for helping to motivate families to get outside!

Sunday Afternoon
Lil’ Sidekick
Simple Wishes

This is what our winners had to say about November’s HiB30 Challenge:

What was your reason for joining the HiB30 Challenge this November?

Caitlin Craig: Participating in these challenges gives me the motivation to get myself and my son outdoors. When I’m faced with a goal of 30 miles, I end up getting myself and my son outdoors more! My intentions of outdoor time finally match up to my actions, and it feels so good mentally and physically for us to be in that state!

Cora Canada: Wanting to get back outside since having the twins, and wanting them to grow up to love nature like I did.

Alexi Dawson: The challenge to keep going hiking even during tough times, I knew I needed a motivation.

Did you have any challenges to overcome? If so, how did you overcome them?

Tamatha Ince: Getting out in the rain. We live in a temperate rain forest. We just said it was another beautiful day, and went. When we went for hikes we hoped for good size groups, and we are always looking for new trails.

Danielle Andresen: Yes! November is a funny month in Michigan. It has beautiful fall days but then there are days when you just want to hibernate in the house because it’s wet and cold out. But thanks to HiB30 challenge we got our warm coats on and got outdoors.

Rachelle McCann: Yes, it is always challenging to make time to get in our target number of miles. With busy schedules and cooler weather, it makes it harder. So, we just have to stay committed.

What is your number one piece of advice you would give to other families unsure about getting outside for 30 minutes 3 times per week OR achieving 30 miles in 30 days?

Julienne Verdi: Just do it and let your kids be wild. It’s freeing to stop saying “no” to your kid getting dirty and just getting down in the dirt with them and exploring the different shapes of the leaves, bugs and other things nature has to offer.

Isabel Ogden: Your children are tiny sponges, they learn so much from you. Helping them foster a love for the outdoors is a wonderful gift to your children. Hiking, running and staying active will benefit both you and them physically and mentally.

Brook Westheimer: Stash sturdy shoes, snacks and a carrier in the car in case you’re near a park and have a few minutes.

Jennifer Thatcher: It’s not about the miles; it’s getting your kids to explore the great outdoors, even if it’s in your own backyard!

Thank you to all who joined us for the HiB30 Challenge this November! Join us next time and be entered to win some great prizes, like the ones from our prize donors, Keekaroo, Sunday Afternoon, Lil’ Sidekick, Simple Wishes, Catalyst, and MyMayu. The next HiB30 Challenge begins on January 1st, so mark your calendars!

Photo credits: Kim Ives


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