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We just did an awesome hike at Oaks Bottom Refuge Tuesday. In spite of a little confusion on parking (we parked at 7th and Sellwood and will do so in future because it’s a big lot) this seemed to be a favorite for many. I am guessing the perfect sunny fall weather had something to do with it, but either way the turn out the last few weeks has been phenomenal rain or shine.

We had about 14 mamas and one daddy (my hubby Mark) and apparently 3 mamas started at different spot and never found us, so we had a big tribe out there. I love the reaction of people as we pass by with our mama-baby army. I am also impressed with how many of you have told your friends!

What I love about these hikes is it’s a chance to meet new mama’s and learn new things while breathing fresh air. My favorite new tips were:

1. When pumping multiple times in a day just put your pump stuff in fridge instead of washing a bunch of times in the same day! Genius. I love that. Tried it when I got home from my hike today.

2. If you are using an Ergo and you don’t want to use the insert, you can just put a little rolled up blanket or cloth behind babies neck to give a little extra support.

3. Looking for cheap but high quality name brand nursing bras? Try barenecessities.com. Lots of deals and large breast cup sizes. This was my tip to share!

What tips did you learn mamas? Share em on the FB page!

Also awesome sidenote…I was in New Seasons Rosa Parks the other day and saw a new mama and said “Hi, we have a hike it group for new mama’s. Wanna join us?” and she said, “Is it called Hike it Baby? I heard about this from a friend!” WOW, so cool. With our hike group we are filling a hole in Portland for active new mamas. Keep it up! And on that note we can add other activities in. let us know if you want to do bike rides, surf trips to coast, whatever!!!

I would love to do a trip soon to Shortsands/Oswald State Beach on the coast. Also, Beacon rock and maybe Mt. Hood? Who is in?


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