A collaboration for Early Environmental Awareness between Hike it Baby and Joules. Together we can raise the next generation to love and care for our planet. 

One could say a footprint is simply the impression left by a foot. But this sneaky little word can mean so much more. To a wild animal it could mean food, to a detective, a new lead to pursue. A footprint can also measure the impact we make on the natural world. 

Photo: Andrea Leoncavallo

For many of us, footprints mark the first physical trace of our little one’s journey through the world. 

Our children follow our footprints as we walk with them along the trail, and later we follow theirs as they charge ahead. We stop and look at the footprints of animals, engaging our senses of wonder at the creatures who share natural spaces with us. And we nurture this connection to nature to bring a sense of caring for the world around us. 

Footprints mark an intention when choosing a path forward. Footprints can show us where we have been, and how we have chosen to get there. 

Our Footprints Initiative gives you, as parents and caregivers, a starting point to learn and share about environmental awareness and conservation with your family. We’ve made it easy and fun with options for kids of different ages, because we believe it’s never too early to start having important conversations.

1.Watch our “On the Subject of Footprints” video as a family. 

2. Follow up by asking these questions to start a conversation:

For Little Kids

  • Where do you leave footprints?
  • What is the most interesting footprint you’ve found? 
  • Where is a new place you’d like to leave your footprints? 
  • What kind of footprints do you want to leave behind?

For Big Kids

  • What is the most interesting surface you’ve left a footprint on?
  • If a footprint is a way to measure impact made on the natural world, what kind of footprints are you leaving? Are you proud of that?
  • If not, what kinds of changes can you make to your footprint? Whose footprints do you like to follow?
  • What kind of footprints do you want to leave behind?


3. Download the Footprints workbook here. Complete the activities together, talking about all of the different types of footprints as you go. 

Our newest workbook is available in English and Spanish and is full of fun activities for the littles and *BONUS!! is also secretly full of things to learn! From leaving no trace, to identifying animal footprints, to learning about your carbon footprint, it’s all inside! Because we believe that fostering a love of nature brings with it a desire to protect the natural world and our planet. And as parents and caregivers we have the chance to build upon our children’s curiosity and to make that initial connection. 

Graphic Design: Alex Tebow Designs

4. Interested in learning more with your kids? Check out these books from your local library and read together”

  • Seeds of Change by Jen Cullerton Johnston
  • My Friend Earth by Patricia Machlachlan
  • Spring after Spring by Stephanie Roth Sisson
  • The Story of Climate Change by Catherine Barr and Steve Williams



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