On the Trail with Onya Baby (1)

Onya Baby is one of our Hike it Baby 30 partners who has sponsored our Challenges all year! You could win one by signing up for the Hike it Baby 30 and we give a $25 discount when you sign up for the Challenge! 

My son is 33 pounds at only 1 years old, because of his size and the amount I have him in a carrier I often get asked. What carrier do you use? The honest anwser; I have tried many including the Ergo, Tula, Kinderpack, Boba and last but certainly not least the Onya. The only carrier I use on trail now after all that trial and error is the Onya Baby Outback carrier.

The reasons I love to use the Onya on trail are;

  • The material; It is rugged, I can lay it on the ground and do a diaper change on it without worrying about it getting wet or dirty because of the stain proof, waterproof exterior. Inside it is lined with breathable mesh, perfect for keeping baby cool!
  • Storage Space; The Onya has huge pockets! for those of us who don’t like to use large hardpack carriers a soft structured carrier with pockets for a diaper, wipes and a snack is a huge plus! So many carriers on the market have a tiny pockets or no pocket at all, making a hike longer than an hour difficult!
  • Comfort; This carrier is seriously the most comfortable I have ever tried on. It has a very thick and supportive waist belt or lumbar support. The onya is designed for the majority of the babies weight to be absorbed by this support, just like a hardpack backpacking backpack.  This means no weight on your shoulders! With a 33 pound baby I can fit my hand between the shoulder strap and my shoulder, COOL! These features allow me to go on long hikes even with my heavy guy and this has been a game changer.
  • The Overall Design; The onya boasts a very tall body (goes up high on babies back). My son can flip out of many carriers, he is big and strong but not the onya, and when he falls asleep his head doesn’t flop backwards. The leg holes have padding to keep babies legs from getting marks if they are in the carrier for a couple hours. The straps do not have a ton of padding because as I said previously it isn’t needed. This makes it great for tandem carrying two babies at once(one on front, one on back).

On the Trail with Onya Baby (2)

Those are my three favorite things about the Onya but with that being said this carrier is not only great for big babies and back carries! The Onya is good for babies from 5 pounds and up with the infant insert. The really cool thing about the infant insert is that unlike the ergo insert, which is cotton and can get quite warm, the Onya insert is made with cotton and mesh and very breathable for tiny babies! Also back to comfort, when doing a front carry you can cross the straps which again helps distribute the weight and gives a nice snug fit!

Sometimes when getting a new carrier adjusting it can be frustrating!! Here on some tips for adjusting your new onya and check out the video posted below for a visual example of doing a safe and easy back carry!

  • First buckle the waist belt around your true waist and not on your hips and tighten for a snug fit.
  • Place baby in the carrier and fasten the shoulder straps by either crossing them or buckling the chest clip.
  • Before Tightening the straps snug make sure baby has a good seat. You want to press the waist band flat and bounce to make sure babies bottom is all the way in the carrier; pull the waist band strap a little tighter while doing this. This will help make sure babies weight is absorbed by this waist belt and keep them from slipping into the band.
  • Tighten your shoulder straps snug. For most babies I would keep the leg straps completely tightened unless carrying a 2 or 3 year old. This is the shorter of the two adjustments, and just tighten the longer strap.
  • Don’t worry if it is not comfortable the first few times…It takes practice!! keep using it around the house until you find your “sweet spot” . Some people get it on the first try and others it takes a try or two!
  • For a back carry watch the video below! Your baby should have great head control and be able to sit unassisted before trying a back carry; Normally this happens between 6 and 8 months.

Kelsey General is a branch lead from Anchorage, Alaska. She helped start one of the first Hike it Baby branches ever all the way back in 2014! She has a son named Brentley. 

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