This month REI made a bold move by announcing that they are closing on Black Friday and giving their 12,000 employees the day off. While it’s proved to be a great approach for their company — Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are flooded with their #optoutside hashtag — it is a great statement and testament to a company who really is trying to get people outside. They are standing behind their beliefs and helping others do the same.Hashtag fun for November! (1)

I love to shop but am very aware of the need to unplug from technology. We each have the opportunity to make a choice on how we spend our time, money, raise our families, and effect our community.

Last year on Black Friday we scheduled hikes in our approximately 30 branches. We made it our mission to #turnblackfridaygreen! It was fun to be a part of something that made a statement through something as simple as hiking.

This year we want to do the same!

Families will be able to register their November 27th #optoutside hikes. Stay tuned for how this will actually work on the site.

Our goal: We have almost 100,000 people on our website every month. We would love to see at least10% of the website audience go for a hike. 10,000 people in one day! In July we got 5,000 people on trail in one day. That was the sunny, lovely month of July. 10,000 in November, not a problem! What do you think? Are you in?

Grab the images below and share. Get outside with us this fall! Lead a hike, go on a hike, get motivated with Hike it Baby 30! Enjoy nature with your family this month!



Hashtag fun for November! (2)Hashtag fun for November! (3)

Take the challenge!

  • Hike it Baby 30 registration is open until November 15th! REGISTER HERE.
  • Chilly temps are on their way. Don’t despair! Find out what counts during this winter HiB30? Here’s a list.
  • Already registered? Awesome! Announce your participation with a social media collage!
Don’t forget to hike on November 27th and #optoutside.

Hashtag fun for November! (3) Hashtag fun for November! (4)


Hiking news

Stay in the know with the Hike it Baby Blog!

Hike it Baby continues to grow, grow, grow!

Hashtag fun for November! (6)

 Shout-outs from the trail

We have a bunch of AWESOME partners who help support Hike it Baby and want to keep all of our hikes free always! This month we are sending shout outs to KEEN, Deuter and Onya Baby. All of them are title sponsors for Hike it Baby in 2016!

We used our #keens for the first time today! It was a success #hibloveskeens #chestercountyhikeitbaby
–Katey MoeLovin’ the Keens on our rainy day walk this afternoon! #hibloveskeens #thankyouhib
–Karyn Gaffney
Hashtag fun for November! (2) Hashtag fun for November! (1)Hashtag fun for November! (5)

Welcome New Branch Leads

Cape Town — Robyn Cowan
Capital Region, NY — Erin Vitali
Capital Region, NY — Jennifer Galietta
Capital Region, NY — Kristen Parslow
Chicago —  Beth Klein
Cowlitz County  —  Chelsea Chandler
Harrisburg — Colette Clarke
Hartford — Candace Schaff
Jackson, MI — Laura Thomas
Manchester — Kara Reynolds
New Brunswick — Kate Sabella
Peoria — Courtney and Aaron Strauser
Phoenix Metro — Kelsey Stromberg
Portsmouth — Sarah Bolduc
Prince Edward County, VA — Valerie Bender-Werth
Richmond, VA — Kari Teagno Hyman
Wichita — Amber Davis
Skagway — Raniyah Bakr
Sonoma County — Stephanie Webb
Temecula  —  Breanna Hinkle


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