This Fathers Day, take the time to appreciate the amazing strength and love that Dad provides to the family each and every day.  Here are some gift ideas that he can use throughout the year and are sure to make him smile.

1. Make Him a Shadow/Memory Box:

Have the the kids surprise Dad this year with memory box of photos of some or all of the hikes you’ve done that year as a family. You can also print out maps of the hikes you’ve done, highlight your route and put it next to the picture of you all together from that day! Another great addition to this would be to track the mileage on a watch or phone of each hike and include the total number of trail miles you’ve done with Dad this year. This will take a little more advance planning of course, but it is a great way to see how much you’ve accomplished together! Add in some finds from the trail into a little tackle tin and watch him smile.

2. Have the kids pack a lunch and take him on a day hike.

Make a day of it! Get the kiddos really involved on this one.  Actually, with some supervision, they could probably do most of it themselves depending on age.  Help the kids make some sandwiches, pack some snacks, then head out to Dad’s favorite trail!  You could even have them pack his favorite snack and beverage in a travel container.   Hike until Dad’s ready for a break and have lunch! You can even bring a hammock or a slackline to have some fun with while you relax together. It will be a day he (and you!) never forgets!

3. Help Inspire his Adventurous Side

Is Dad feeling like he just never gets out there to adventure much any more? Maybe he’s wanting to train for a trail race or a mountain bike series, but it’s not happening as often as he’d like. Pick him up a small piece of equipment he may need to help him reach those goals. If it’s climbing see if you can find him a punch card to a local climbing gym. Check out the American Alpine Club and get a membership to help inspire him to get out there. Or pick up magazines like Backpacker, Climbing or Adventure Journal and wrap them up with a card letting him know he’ll be getting a monthly dose of adventure inspiration right in the mail box.

4. An Ultra Light Backpack

Does Dad need a new pack for his outdoor adventures?  Pick him up a Deuter Speedlite 10.  This ultra light pack has a breathable foam back, a wet pocket and has a place for a hydration system.  Looking for a little more room? Pick up the Deuter Speedlite 15.  These are amazing for hiking, climbing, cross country skiing and numerous other activities that keeps him on the go.  These packs are also a great makeshift diaper bag, an alternative for Dad to carry all the goods that come with kiddos.

5. More Than a Knife

A great knife is something he can use fishing, backpacking, camping and for so much more.  A multi-tool takes it one step further. The Leatherman Leap is a multi-tool that was designed to withstand the big jobs, but is also one of the brand’s lighter models and made to fit in smaller hands (when Dad is teaching his daughter or son to screw something in or cut a fishhook out, this is the tool). There’s also a removable knife blade so little ones play with it without you being concerned.

6. Lessons for an Activity he’s been eyeing

Has Dad always wanted to learn how to flyfish?  How about surfing or kayaking?  Get him some lessons for an activity he’s always wanted to try.  This is so great because he might not ever get this for himself.  In his mind, learning one of these amazing activities might be a distant dream.  Check out REI classes for an easy first step in finding adventure or look at what your local outdoor’s shop or community center offer.

7. Hammock

Get Dad something he can string up on the trees and relax in the next time the whole family is out camping.  Nothing helps you relax in the outdoors quite like a nice hammock.  Thermarest is best known for it’s comfy pads on the ground, but they also make great, light weight, durable hammocks. This is something he’ll definitely get some use when adventuring and camping. Can’t get your kid to nap? Tell them to go “swing” with dad. Make sure you pick up the Slacker Suspenders Hanging Kit with the hammock for easy installation anywhere.

8. Hike it Baby Gear

We have a lot of great options for Dads in our Hike it Baby store. From handsome ball caps to pull over hoodies, your Dad can represent the Hike it Baby spirit he’s come to love. Even a little trail notebook is nice to stash in his car glove box so he can keep notes. Pick up an Onya Baby Pure with our Spring Dad sale June 16-18. Watch out for the sale and use the code: BabywearingDad for 15% off.

This Fathers Day, find some ways to bring a smile to Dads face. Let him know that he is loved, appreciated and that all his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Make sure he knows that he is truly valued, Fathers Day, and every day of the year.







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