Kid complaining that they are bored? Have you tried everything to help get your children out of the house and active? Make something fun for them! This article will provide you with a few ideas to get your children outside and active.

It is a great activity to do with your kids, siblings, or friends, and is fun for all ages! So head outside and have some fun at the park. Avoid boredom by getting creative and making an outdoor scavenger hunt! 


Hide and seek but in the car. A child has to find someone’s keys, which are placed in random areas around their car. The first one to find them gets a prize. It can also be done by placing toy cars inside or outside their backpacks or bags before heading out, so they are familiar with where they need to look next time.


It is another game where the person must look around for hidden objects. It could be anywhere from an adult’s purse, to a toy in the backyard, on a bench somewhere, etc.


Make a list of different types of rocks found in the park. Have the child find the different types of rocks and see how many they can get. Then, they have to match all of the types with the correct names on their card.


Have a sheet together with animal pictures and corresponding animal sounds for each one. Have your kids see what animal sounds they hear in the park. Or have them listen to a specific sound and then find the matching animal picture.


Blow up some balloons and hide them in different areas of the park. Have your child find them all and then pop them.


In this activity, you may need to print a list of things your child is grateful for. For instance, you can include phrases in the list like “something I like to wear” or “Something I like To Share.” You can add as many phrases as you like. It is an ideal activity to boost your child’s self-esteem.


It is another scavenger hunt game you can play at any neighborhood park. Show children all there is to explore in their nearby streets with this entertaining scavenger hunt — and spot everything from bikes to birdhouses. You may need to print figures of different items that can be seen in the neighborhood, like pots and animals.


Children will love this entertaining open-ended scavenger hunt, but first, you must come up with a list of descriptions of items you want your child to hunt. For instance, in the list, there would be phrases like “find something thin,” “something brittle,” or “something rough.” Allow your kids to explore their surroundings and learn. The clues will teach your kids about textures, colors, and scientific concepts.


In order to enjoy this game, you may need to provide your kids with cameras. Instead of instructing them to collect objects, ask them to take pictures of the items they find. For them to deliver you interesting pictures, give your kids ideas of what pictures to capture, for instance, items that are a particular shape or color, Items that begin with a specific letter, or local landmarks.


It is a great game for introducing letters and numbers to your kids. The object is to find everything in the park that begins with a specific letter or includes a certain number of items. For instance, if the items that begin with the letter A are soda bottles, apple trees, and anthills, the child will need to find these items that begin with B. Count how many objects your child finds so that now they will have a better chance of finding the item correctly.

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