Winner Profile-Kestrel Brogan

Next up in our Hike it Baby 30 winners profiles;  Meet Kestrel and her son Bard. They can now be […]

What an Awesome Year 2014 Has Been!

We hiked, we grew, we learned, we laughed…what’s next? The last day of 2014 is here! How was your year? […]

Hike it Baby 30 registration opens August 25!

Ready to get your hike or walk on in January? After all of that eating, partying, playing with friends and […]

Got 15 Minutes? Step Outside

  Yesterday I went on a walk in Gabriel Park with my friend Ashley in the morning (so nice to […]

Winner Profile – Erica Grey

  We were so excited to see that Erica won the Garmin GPS because she’s an avid hiker and in […]

Winner Profile-Carolyn James

Did you know when you lead hikes you get entered to win prizes!? Carolyn and her daughter Liliana lead weekly […]

Winner Profile-Alissa Pruit

[two_third][/two_third]We had so many great sponsors during out Hike it Baby 30 challenge, and in turn lots of winners! We […]

Winner Profile – Idryo Family

Did you know Hike it Baby is not just for moms!? We have a lot of Dad’s hiking amongst us […]

Winner Profile-Andrea Gardner

Let’s keep the ball rolling on getting to know our Hike it Baby 30 Challenge winners. Next up is Andrea […]