And the Winners are…

One month of hiking with over 300 families and almost 10,000 miles covered. What a fun adventure we all had. […]

Lead a Hike, Win a Prize!

We all love Hike it Baby because it gets us out into nature with our babies and lets us make […]

Your Baby is an Animal!

YOU & YOUR BABY DID IT. We are still working out the numbers but we are close to 10,000 miles […]

Thanksgiving and Hike it Baby 30 Last Week!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are in the home stretch of the Hike it Baby 30! It’s been such a fun […]

Raising Wilderness Savvy Children

Earlier this summer I was on a hike with my kids. I wanted to move down the trail, I was […]

How to Prepare for the Unexpected

One thing that I love about the wilderness is the great unknown. On any given day you never know what […]

Hike it Baby Car Preparedness

What’s in your trunk when you hit the road to go for a hike? As the rain starts and the […]

Pre-Hike Planning

A few weeks ago my branch had a Mama whose car ran out of gas. At the end of the […]

Graduating to Frame Carriers

Here are a few more tips to get you out there with a frame carrier: 1. SHORT HIKES – Start […]