Autumn Goes to Clear Lake!

Labor Day is my favorite long weekend of the year. For me, it represents the gateway from summer to my […]

Looking for Discounts on Gear?

We are starting to team up with different companies and get discounts on gear. This month the following deals are […]

Taking Baby Abroad

I’m one of those people that just loves traveling. I’ve traveled to different countries including Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Romania, […]

Alternative Ways to Battle Postpartum Depression

I had postpartum depression. I beat postpartum depression. I want to help you do the same. Postpartum depression is moderate […]

Ready to Lead a Hike?

For a lot of people going on the hikes is fun, but there comes a point when you might be […]

Log Your Hikes

I am a big fan of keeping track of hikes. I know that may sound a little anal retentive, but […]

Autumn’s Magical Musical Weekend

This is the 4th piece in a series from Aron Goffin about her adventures with Autumn and her hubby this […]

Inspirational Hikes

I have an almost five-year-old son and an infant daughter. If I want to go anywhere, I find it helpful […]

How Far Can You Go With Your Baby?

How far can your child or toddler hike? That depends on how old your child is and whether you carry […]