The Giving Tree

Remember that book you used to love when you were a kid called the Giving Tree? That was one of […]

Autumn Goes Backpacking: The Final Summer Adventure!

Whew! It’s been quite the summer of adventures with our baby! From car camping to beaches to cabins to festivals, […]

What to Wear: Hiking in the Rain and Winter

My daughter was born last October, and our first Hike it Baby hike was just a few weeks after  that. […]

Keeping Hike it Baby Free For All!

Remember the first time you went on a hike with Hike it Baby how you felt? I felt supported, safe, […]

Wearing Double on the Trail

Hey, Hike it Baby parents. I know many of you with two little ones are wondering how you can easily get out and do a […]

What to pack while hiking

Heading out on to the trail? Wondering what to bring? Here’s a quick guide to what I take out there. […]

Autumn Goes to Clear Lake!

Labor Day is my favorite long weekend of the year. For me, it represents the gateway from summer to my […]

Looking for Discounts on Gear?

We are starting to team up with different companies and get discounts on gear. This month the following deals are […]

Taking Baby Abroad

I’m one of those people that just loves traveling. I’ve traveled to different countries including Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Romania, […]