Adidas Hook Up

Adidas has been kind enough to hook us up with an invite into their employee store. This applies to all […]

Pumping On Trail

Friday, August 1, 2014 Hike it Baby is doing a Big Latch On on Trail, so we thought posting this […]

Trail Dangers Are Real

Hikers Be Aware! There are creepy crawlies and weather that can ruin a good hike, but don’t let that spoil the […]

Autumn Goes to the Beach

  As new parents, Josh and I have been longing for a tropical beach getaway for the nine months Autumn […]

First Hike With The Little One

Eds Note: This is the first of a 3 part series on hiking with little ones. As first time parents […]

Finding Hiking Motivation

Finding the time, energy and motivation to hike can be tough, especially with a baby! I only have one, so […]

Autumn Goes Car Camping!

Like most new parents, my life and that of my husband’s, were forever changed last Fall with the arrival of […]

Loading Baby on Back Alone!

One of the things I have found that holds a lot of new mamas back from doing things like hiking […]

Baby Steps = Healthy Knees

What can we learn from our children when hiking? Baby steps. Especially when knees are involved. They are some of […]