We’re kicking off the Hike it Baby 30 Challenge, September 2016! And to get you inspired, we have stories from some of our pregnant moms hiking in the challenge.

It's so important to stay active during pregnancy. I love hiking with Hike it Baby! The Hike it Baby 30 challenge is awesome and lots of pregnant moms participate!

We have stories from pregnant moms hiking in the first trimester, moms in the second trimester, moms in the third trimester, a twin pregnancy, and even moms due this month! If us pregnant mamas can do it, anybody can!

“Hi! I’m a pregnant mama hiking my first challenge. I joined a HiB group this spring and have gone on weekly hikes since! I am 23 weeks pregnant, due around Christmas, and have a two year old daughter who loves to either walk or ride with! It’s been an amazing experience so far and have gained so many new friends! I plan on hitting our 30 mile goal this challenge and hopefully more! HiB has encouraged me to keep moving during this pregnancy and teach my daughter healthy and fun habits!” Kayla Stalzer

“I’m 16 weeks along with a 26mo that I back carry on the tougher hikes, but she’s good for about a mile on some of the easier hikes. This is my first challenge and I’m looking forward to getting out in the cooler weather and seeing the start of the leaves changing this fall! Hoping to make the 30 miles this month as canning/gardening season finally slows down.” Katie Pittinaro

Pregnant mom hiking

“I’m 37 weeks pregnant this week with our second child and I’m hoping to keep hiking for the next 3 weeks until this baby gets out. We’ll probably do a lot of kid-led hikes as well since my son is over 3 yrs old and perfectly capable of hiking on his own. I’ve been hiking through my first pregnancy until my 40th week and I plan to do the same now, although this time around it does seem much harder to get this huge belly on trail, especially in 90-100 degrees. However, my ‘best friend’ on trail is this water fan that keeps me cool on Idaho’s scorching trails!” Anka Trifan

“We’ve done 4 previous challenges and loved ever single minute of them! I’m about 23 weeks, due the end December and I’ve got a 2 1/2 year old little boy who is a bucket of energy and will hopefully we doing most of this challenge on his own two feet. We are actually travelling to visit my family for most of the month and look forward to exploring new trails/places during this challenge. My main goal is to just have fun with my son.” – Jessica Sekula

“I’m 20 weeks pregnant and my toddler will be turning 2 this September. I’m going to see how many miles he can get on his own, but we’ll probably get a bunch of our miles in on stroller hikes. This is my third challenge- I failed the first one and hiked 60 miles last time- definitely just hoping to just get 30 miles this time. It’s perfect timing since I finally have more energy again and can always use extra motivation to get outside.” – Jessica Leonard

Pregnant mom Hike it Baby

“I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant with my 4th kiddo. I hiked until the day before my water broke with my last pregnancy. The day my water broke we were headed to a hike and it broke as I was getting into the car.

I started hiking before we started TTC baby three. I was a smoker that had just quit and was severely out of shape. We started hiking locally and I lost 20lbs and got pregnant with our daughter! I credit hiking for that and keeping me healthy through my pregnancies.

This is my first HiB30 challenge and I can’t wait to get to it! I have September to kick some hiking butt before little guy arrives in October, so I already have 15 miles scheduled for next month in hikes on the calendar for our branch! I wear my 27lb almost 2 year old on my back or even belly when she needs carried or have her walk or ride in stroller. Sometimes she is on my hip though because she wants up but not in carrier.

My biggest pieces of advice for hiking while pregnant would be to stay hydrated (I always take more water pregnant than I would normally), take snacks for yourself that will give you some energy or protein, listen to your body and know when to rest or stop (some days I can do 8-10 miles, others I can barely do a toddler led 1 mile! and enjoy yourself!”  Emily Decker

Pregnant mom with twins hiking

“I will be 30 weeks tomorrow with Boy/Girl twins. I have a 4.5 year old and a 2.5 year old as well. We did the last Hike it baby challenge and we had a great time. I am mostly going to do easy toddler led hikes. My doctors don’t want me to over do it, but it is important to me to try to stay active before the twins get here.” – Amber Hale

Pregnant mom babywearing and hiking

“I’m almost 33 weeks pregnant with a little girl. We have an 18 month old daughter as well ~ excited for sisters! I’m a stay at home mom and try to get my daughter outside daily. My husband and I take her on a mile walk about 5x a week after it cools down. I’m trying to get back into more HIB hikes this challenge – more toddler led so my daughter can walk (and more my pace). My goal is to hit either 30 miles, or go on a walk outside every day. That will be a good challenge as I move into the last bit of the pregnancy.

My tips would be to do more slow paced or shorter walks so you don’t over due it. You may be able to do more, but it’s a good starting point if you aren’t used to doing a lot of walking. Also, try to do hikes with bathroom accessibility! 🙂

My daughter also has low patience for the stroller these days and tends to want me to carry her at times verses walking on her own. Today we led our first toddle waddle and she would not let me put her down. If you have the ability, I would suggest practicing baby wearing on the back – you can put the strap above or below the belly. Just see if it works for you, my preference is above the belly. Sometimes when I baby wear on a paved walk, I’ll even bring the stroller as it feels like it gives me more stability/support. Just try and see what works for you.” Ashley Selland

Pregnant mom and toddler hiking

“I’m 29 weeks pregnant with number 2! I started this pregnancy with the April HIB challenge and got 50 miles, this time I’m just aiming for 30. My son is almost 3 – he doesn’t like to be worn and it isn’t super comfy for me so we do kid led hikes. He can pack in the miles though!

With my first pregnancy I was working as an environmental educator and I led hikes for groups of 5th graders daily. They weren’t long ~2 miles, but it was in the mountains of New Mexico so I dealt with the elevation. I hiked daily until the day my son was born (4+ miles the day I went into labor) and I really think it helped me have a relatively quick, natural birth.

I’ve been slacking off recently so I hope this challenge helps me get going again. I’ve noticed that my back and hip pain are actually better with some exercise which is good motivation to get moving!

My biggest tip is to just listen to your body! You’ll have good days and bad days and that’s ok. Also, drink plenty of water and wear good shoes!” – Rosie Norlande

I am also one of the pregnant moms hiking during this challenge! I’m currently seven weeks pregnant with my third baby,  and I usually get hit with morning sickness around week eight or nine. So I expect I’ll be dealing with that during this September Challenge. I’m not going to let it stop me though! I actually think that getting outside and away from food smells will be helpful for my morning sickness. I’ll definitely be keeping the tips shared above in mind as my pregnancy progresses. I’m looking forward to staying active throughout this pregnancy and continuing to hike up until the baby comes!

Do we have any other pregnant moms hiking with us this challenge? Share your story with us in the comments below or on Facebook!

Anyone can do the Hike it Baby 30 Challenge! Get signed up and start tracking your miles or time spent outside this September!

Photo Credit (1st photo): Ashley Scheider

2 thoughts on “Pregnant Moms Take the Hike it Baby 30 Challenge

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    I am pregnant with number two, due in November when number one turns two! Working full time makes it rough sometimes to get myself motivated to get out there, but we make the most of the weekends and afternoons. Since our daughter’s school is on the other side of a nature preserve in our neighborhood, I use pick up time as an opportunity to get in miles and walk the dogs. I found that a mei tei has been a great purchase for pregnancy or, on longer hikes, I use our structured carrier. I know that they say labor is the equivalent to doing a fifty mile hike, so I figure doing the challenge while pregnant is a great way to keep my body on the up and up for the big day! However, I definitely can say I am very excited for some tandem hiking this winter.

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    I am 36 weeks pregnant and this is my second hike it baby challenge. I love getting outside with my adventurous 19-month-old! I thought we’d try for 30 miles and 3 times a week this time. But, we aren’t logging many miles. So, I think an even better goal is for us to spend as much quality time together outside with our HIB friends before this new baby arrives. Thank you, HIB for giving us wonderful friends and a reason to look forward to going out every day!


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