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It’s not too early to start thinking about spring and summer camping for the family! We know “camping with kids” may not automatically invoke a sense of “relaxing, stress-free, easy and fun” when planning for your upcoming family adventures—but camping with little ones actually CAN be all of those things!

A camping trip that includes everyone from babies, children and adults (and furry family members!) is different from adults-only experiences. Planning the first time sleeping under the stars as a family can feel overwhelming as you ask, “do we need … what if … how do we …?.”

We’ve compiled the best advice from seasoned family campers to help change those questions into “let’s go!!!”


Plan ahead

Spontaneity is great when it works out in your favor. But when traveling with kids you want to make sure you have reservations and everything you need to avoid meltdowns (in both adults and kids!).

We’ve got tips for deciding where to go and how to choose a camp site.

How to Choose a Baby-Friendly Campsite

When you’re ready to make a reservation, download a free packing list and learn tips for getting a great site.

Booking a Stress-Free Camping Trip



Pack the essentials

You don’t need to bring everything but the kitchen sink—but it is nice to have a few tried-and-true pieces of gear when camping with kids.

Download a free checklist and learn what other parents have found helpful to pack.

Essential Camping Gear


Make memories

Simply spending time as a family outdoors and away from the hustle and bustle makes for an amazing vacation. Sometimes it’s fun to add some extra-memorable experiences into the trip.

Check out these great ideas for creating memories while camping.

5 Ways to Make Camping Extra Fun with Kids


Inspire others

Once you’ve had your first successful camping trip with kids under your belt, share your tips and tricks with other families that may be on the fence! Camping is always made better when there is a supportive community to help everyone plan ahead, pack well and make unforgettable memories!



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