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While many would argue with me, winter is one of my favorite times of year for outdoor adventures with my kiddos. There are fewer crowds at popular parks, the quiet and freshness of snow makes the trails seem magical, and the post-adventure snuggles make this mama’s heart swell.

With the right gear, we can extend our adventures longer than in years past. One of our current favorite products for kids are the balaclavas from Turtle Fur. They come in various weights in both toddler and big kid sizes  and are made from odor-resistant, quick-drying, breathable fabric with a UPF rating of 50+.

While having the right gear can be a game-changer during the chilly months, many across our nation don’t have that luxury. For them, winter brings on feelings of dread and worry for the safety of their family. Acquiring enough (or any) quality gear to keep everyone in the family warm can come with a price tag that is well out of reach. Thankfully, there are incredible companies out there that are willing to do their part in reaching the people who need it the most.

Project Warmth

One of those companies, Turtle Fur, created an initiative called Project Warmth to help those in need within their community and beyond. It all started when they found themselves with excess inventory and samples.  They would run an annual factory sale for their community so these extras didn’t go to waste. In conjunction with the sale, they would reach out to local schools, homeless shelters, and community centers in and around their home base of Morrisville, Vermont, to see if there was a need for cold-weather hats and accessories.

The need was there, and each year they expanded their reach to provide cold-weather hats and accessories to more areas. While this initiative started as a way to give back to Turtle Fur’s local community, they wanted to grow the program, which is when #projectwarmth was born on social media. The program has grown successfully, and Turtle Fur is now manufacturing products specifically to donate rather than relying on only overruns, samples, etc.

How Does it Work?

If a customer posts a photo wearing a Turtle Fur product on social media, tags them, and includes the hashtag #projectwarmth, a Turtle Fur product is donated. They wanted to get their retailers involved as well, so if a retailer is mentioned (tagged) – they double the donation and donate two items! Just follow these steps:

  1. Take a photo wearing your new Turtle Fur product (like the gorgeous HiB themed tube)
  2. Include the following in your post: @turtlefur and the hashtag #projectwarmth
  3. Tag the store you bought it from (for example @outdoorretailer) for double the donation!
  4. Share on any or all of your social media platforms

Voila, it’s that simple!

Who Receives the Product?

To date, Turtle Fur has donated over 145,000 pieces of cold-weather accessories to over 400 organizations across 49 states and Canada. These organizations include shelters, schools, and hospitals. A full list of organizations can be found here.

One incredible detail that sets Turtle Fur and Project Warmth apart from other retailers is that they don’t donate their products blindly. They contact each organization to discuss how they can customize their order. They personalize their shipments based on the number of people in need, the gender and age of the recipients, and any other important demographics.  Organizations don’t just receive a random “box of hats,” they are getting hand-picked accessories that will make a true difference in the lives of people that need them most.

What Else Can We Do?

As the initiative gains strength, one of the main goals is to donate to locations in all 50 states, but they need our help. You can help by both utilizing the #projectwarmth hashtag and filling out the donation form to suggest a donation recipient. Do you know of an organization that serves people in need of cold-weather accessories? You can submit a quick form with their information here.

The beautiful part about Project Warmth is that it’s a social movement, engaging people to participate through social media and also by suggesting donation locations on our website. It’s easy to help us donate, too, so anyone can do it! We ask that people share a photo on social media wearing their Turtle Fur, tag us @turtlefur, and use the hashtag #projectwarmth in the caption. We see it, and donate a product to someone in need. It’s been awesome to see how far-reaching this campaign has spread, with participation from all over the world. Goes to show that people everywhere are passionate about giving back and supporting those less fortunate.

~Torie Reynolds, Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Turtle Fur

Let’s help this incredible company (which also happens to have amazing products) reach as many people in need as possible!



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