Do you remember the last time you noticed a stick and imagined it as something other than a stick? When did a stick stop looking like a wizard’s wand, a utensil to dig into the earth, or an object to float down a creek? What if an entire generation of children never experienced playing with something as basic as a stick?

I recently had the incredible opportunity to chat with Dr Scott Sampson and discuss the effort needed to bring an entire generation back to engaging in nature. For those of us with kids who watch PBS’ Dinosaur Train, we know Scott D Sampson, Ph.D., as the host, “Dr Scott the Paleontologist”. His catch phrase at the end of each segment is: “Get outside, get into nature, and make your own discoveries!”, which resonates with any parent that encourages outdoor play. However, as parents who want their children to experience nature, we are combating the phenomenon of society becoming more and more disengaged with nature.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that the average U.S. child only spends 4-7 minutes outdoors per day in unstructured play.  The reasons are endless, but the majority of parents list homework and the discomfort of being outside as the main hurdles to getting their children outside. There is also an increasing culture of fear regarding the wilderness, the health and the safety of children that is growing due to reactions to media coverage of disturbing events. So, how do we turn this around? Dr. Scott has encouraging words and useful advice for making sure our children are not truly the last generation to connect with nature. He has written a book, “How to Raise a Wild Child“, and he is an advocate for efforts across the nation that encourage the return of humankind reconnecting with nature.

— Christel Peters, Hike it Baby South Dakota

Read the full interview and Dr. Scott’s encouraging words for raising a wild child and getting our children outside.

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More and more we are seeing and hearing stories from Hike it Baby families that really inspire us to continue this amazing movement that we have created together.Shanti’s mother, Ariel, recently wrote a letter to National Public Radio’s (NPR) popular midday news program, Here and Now, to introduce Hike it Baby and why she felt that it was a worthwhile news piece. We believe your thoughts and experiences are the stories that really demonstrate what Hike it Baby is all about.

Let’s flood their inbox with how Hike it Baby has affected you and your families’ lives. Here is the letter from Ariel to inspire you and here is an easy template where you can fill-in your stories to send to Here and Now. Please send these letters to:

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