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Colette Clarke, from the Harrisburg branch, reviewed this book for us!

Thousand Star Hotel by The Okee Dokee Brothers

“Thousand Star Hotel” is about a muskrat couple who live near a river. Mr. Muskrat dreams of becoming rich, while Mrs. Muskrat is happy with their simple life together. One day they catch a giant fish, who promises to grant them a wish, if they release him. He grants their wish in a rather unexpected way.

I love that this book combines one of my toddler’s favorite book subjects, animals, with the lesson that you can find happiness with fewer material possessions. It shows that the best things in life aren’t things.

The text of this book is a little longer than what my two-year-old is used to (it is written for ages 4+), so it will grow with her and be appropriate for years. However, I was surprised that it holds her attention the entire time we spend reading it, despite the length. This is a very rare accomplishment, indeed! The binding of the hard cover edition is lovely, with glossy areas and raised lettering for the title. It makes the book feel very special.

Last but certainly not least, this book comes with a CD that includes an audio version of the story, as well as 11 Okee Dokee Brothers songs!

Bailey Ludlam, from the Indianapolis branch, reviewed this book for us!

My Woodland Wish by Kate Endle & Casper Babypants

Nature, colorful images, and sing-song text. The story takes you through a walk in the woods where the main character comes across her favorite animals. This is a book that your child can grow into from just pointing out the different animals on each page to singing the text (you can go online to get the actual song). It’s a fun read before bedtime, or even better, before a hike. Maybe even ask your little one to keep an eye out during the hike for the animals from the book!

Mandy Kazura, from the Nashville branch, reviewed this book for us!

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? by Carmela Lavigna Coyle

They say don’t buy a book by its cover, but when we read the title of this book, we were sold. We love that this book acknowledges that our little girl can be rough and tough, and also still has to do all the normal every day things, like cleaning their room and eating their vegetables. Adorable illustrations and rhyming for young ones.

Shannon McDonald, from the Baltimore branch, reviewed these two books for us!

The Branch by Mirelle Messier

Young child attaches herself to a branch of a tree–it’s her castle, her pirate ship–but after an ice storm her branch is broken. A friendly neighbor offers condolences by illustrating how we can re-purpose and reuse! All is not lost!

Outside by Deirdre Gill

The snow beckons the boy. He tries in vain to have his brother (playing video games) to join. The boy gains fantasy snow friends…eventually the brother joins outside.

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