Ready to Lead a HikeFor a lot of people going on the hikes is fun, but there comes a point when you might be interested in leading a hike. This is a great way to show your new friends the trails you love, as well as show your appreciation back to Hike it Baby for all of the hikes you have been on. Leading a hike for the first time can be a little scary though because there’s always that “What if no one shows up?” feeling when you consider it. We’ve all had that happen, so I won’t say it never happens, but here are a few tips to help make sure people show up!

1. Do it with someone! Co-leading is more fun because you know for sure a friend will show up. Also you can both tell people on Facebook about your hike so you have double invite power.
2. Pick an easy to get to hike for your first lead. Somewhere that people won’t get lost on their GPS.
3. Be specific so that people who really will enjoy this hike will come. If it’s great for toddlers, say so. If you want to have mainly new mamas and move with carrier-only hikers, it’s ok to say this. Since all hikes are on the calendar anyone can come. If you chose to make it specific that’s ok. You are more likely to get better turn out because people who want that kind of hike will know it’s for them and make an attempt to get there no matter what.
4. Add a theme or something different to it! Molly Mae in Eugene has led some very successful and well attended hikes to coffee shops, swim holes and biking excursion. Hike doesn’t have to mean “hike”. The ultimate goal is to get outside.
5. Ask your admin to create a Facebook event for your hike so you can get an idea of how many people will turn up.
6. The night before your hike post something saying you have a hike the next day with the time and even a pic of yourself and your baby to help encourage people to come out. Also let them know why this hike is really great.

To Facebook or not to Facebook

Ok, ready? Let’s do this! Go ahead and put a hike in the lead a hike form today!


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