For me personally, one of the hardest parts of heading onto the trail with a baby in a carrier is keeping warm and dry. While Wisconsin doesn’t have as much rain as Portland, we do have plenty of wetness. Whether it’s snowing in April (happened to us last year) or raining, getting Sky and me onto the trail and staying dry can be a challenge. Amy of Mountain Marsupial seemed to have the same challenges as she was getting outside in Colorado.

Chris, Amy’s husband, told me,

“When Dylan, our girl, was a baby my wife got really into “babywearing”. Amy bought an Ergobaby carrier and carried our sweet baby where ever she would go. Living in Colorado, that presented some complications. Colorado is cold, even in the summer. She started to look into buying a jacket to protect Dylan from the elements while riding in the Ergo. At first she wore my jackets and found that they were not at all comfortable for her or Dylan. She tried several jackets and carriers that just didn’t work the way she thought they should. After our third child, Weston, was born she decided to sew her own jacket at home. She designed a jacket that had a zipper down the front and a zipper down the back. The jacket also had a removable panel that can be added in the front when she wanted to front carry and then in the back when she wanted to carry Dylan on her back. The same jacket could be worn while pregnant with the panel in the front. When removing the panel all together she could wear the jacket and always feel comfortable. “

Amy has designed a truly reversible jacket to wear a little one or while pregnant. Inspired by the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Amy made the jacket from DINTEX so it provides an impenetrable layer to prevent water and wind coming in, while still being breathable.

Removable Panel

The reason this jacket works so well is the removable panel. It’s easy to zip the panel into the front or onto the back depending on what kind of carry I want to use. Since the panel is generously sized, I was able to carry my toddler and my friend Erin was able to carry her toddler while pregnant. Amy designed the zippers to have long pulls so it was easy to pull the panel up higher on my back when Sky was situated. The panel zips quickly onto the front or back, and all the zippers only go one way to make it easier to move the panel. As a bonus, you could use the panel as a changing pad if needed. It’s water-proof on the outside and soft on the inside making it an easy changing pad to use on the trail.

Erin wearing the Mountain Marsupial 4 in 1 Jacket. Erin is carrying her toddler while 6 months pregnant.


The jacket is made of DINTEX. DINTEX is a technical fabric that is engineered with state-of-the-art technology guaranteed to keep you dry and comfortable from the inside to the outside. Inside the coat is a soft liner on both the coat and panel.  I tested this coat in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin winter with temperatures from 20F to 45F. Since the coat does a great job of keeping warmth inside, I was able to wear only a cotton t-shirt while walking in 35F.

Front Carry

Doing a front carry in this jacket is a breeze even with a toddler. The zipper pulls are very long which make it easy to work around bigger children. The jacket has a hood and two snaps at the neck so it was great for keeping me warm as well.

Back Carry

Figuring out how to get the jacket on by myself in a back carry was difficult. Once I was able to figure out the best method of getting the coat on, walks became a lot easier. Just dress both of us in light layers and go. This coat works with any carrier and fits around us both comfortably.

Long Lasting

This jacket is designed to be the only jacket you will need as a parent of young children from pregnancy through toddlerhood (possibly preschooler). You can wear the jacket while pregnant, while front carrying a child, while back wearing a child, and then when wearing no child. It’s extremely versatile and I used it to take my daughter to her sitter and then walk home. I could easily roll the panel into the carrier when not in use. This would be an excellent coat to use for anyone who wants to try backpacking with little kids since it’s pretty lightweight as well.

Made in the USA

Wearing Sky around our neighborhood.

This coat was designed and manufactured in Colorado. Mountain Marsupial is owned by a wife and husband with three kids. In addition to owning Mountain Marsupial, Amy is a registered nurse with over 17 years of experience.

I really loved utilizing this coat for regular trips around the neighborhood and out on hikes. I would suggest this coat to anyone who is pregnant and would like to carry their child in fall, winter, and spring. This does have a higher price point of $259.00, so it’s an investment. That being said, this one coat will last you as long as you have children who want to be carried and beyond.

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