The Hike it Baby community is rolling into spring and using our favorite wheeled-gear to get outside with our families. Whether you plan to walk around the park, run a 5k, or stroll along the trails, we’ve rounded up the best all terrain strollers out there and given you our thoughts.

We looked at a few different things with each of these strollers: price point, ease of set up, storage and off-road factor. Take a look at our test drives.


All Terrain Jogging Strollers

BoB Revolution Flex Duallie ($689.99)

Out of Box of Set up: Easy, snap-on wheels and go
Storage: Ample
Favorite thing: wide bar foot brake

One of my favorite things about the BOB Stroller is it shows up on your doorstep and within 5 minutes you can snap on the wheels and roll. This is not the case with all strollers and is a huge plus if you feel like you have limited time in your life. This is the case for both the single and the double Revolution. I also am a big fan of the brake. It’s easy to snap to a halt quickly with your foot and it feels secure, even if you are on an incline. BOB is one of the most recognizable brands on the market for a reason, it’s a solid stroller and a very easy re-sell once you are through with it, even if it’s 5-plus-years-old. — Shanti Hodges, Hike it Baby Founder
Our BOB stroller has been a game changer for our family. It goes everywhere with complete ease. (I’ve maneuvered it over fallen logs.) It’s also incredibly easy for me to collapse. I thought I loathed strollers, but it turns out, I just needed the right stroller. — Colette Clarke, Hike it Baby Harrisburg

The BOB Revolution has been the perfect stroller for our family. We use it on a daily basis on a variety of terrain-hiking, around town, cruising around the mall and even to doctor’s appointments. We love our BOB Revolution stroller so much that we’ve just purchased the double version! — Natalie Kendrach, Hike it Baby Capitol Region

2016 Sport Utility Stroller ($399.99)

Out of the Box: Easy to set up, snap on wheels. Will need screw driver for plastic mudflap
Storage: Ample
Favorite Thing: Knobby wheels for rugged trails.

There are so many reasons why I love BOB Strollers. This was my first experience with the Sport Utility and like all BOB strollers, the Sport Utility shows up ready to roll. BOB has been the “go to” high impact stroller since day one for most active parents. The brand continues to hold the edge in the stroller market because they are so functional, utilitarian and they can handle anything. They are known affectionately within the Mommy hiking world as the “beast” and with good reason as we tend to put this stroller through every test. In our case we have literally travelled hundreds of miles around the US, Canada and Mexico with a similar version of this stroller Revolutions SE) since Mason was born.

This particular model I’m showing off is slight different than the Revolution SE in that it has a fixed front wheel. If you are planning on trail running and being on fire roads, this is the one to consider. For more urban rolling and strolling, try the Revolution SE. The only downside to these strollers (and all of the all terrain strollers out there) is they are bulkier and heavier. We haven’t minded the weight because for us it has translated to almost 4 years of high use and we will still be able to sell or giveaway our stroller to a friend or family member when we are done with it. The other thing I really like about this and the other BOB strollers is being able to pump up the wheels. Hard plastic wheels that aren’t like bike wheels get damaged when you get on to gravel roads over and over. The wheels on this particular stroller are especially tough and have thick rubber and knobby tread for better grip on loose terrain. Just for perspective on how tough these are, we have popped our BOB wheels twice in 3 years (once in Mexico on sharp cactus needles) and you wouldn’t believe the trails we have been on and all that we have put our BOB through.  — Shanti Hodges

Thule Urban Glide ($399.95)

Out of Box of Set up: Easy, snap on wheels and go
Storage: Ample
Favorite thing: Covered storage area

My favorite thing about the Urban Glide single and double is how easy it is to break down. It’s very one handed. Flip up the flap near the foot area, twist and drop. It’s super smooth and aerodynamic. I also really like the protection below the stroller for bad weather. This is critical in a place like Portland where our winter can be really rainy. — Shanti Hodges
We have a sedan and I was really concerned that a jogging stroller wouldn’t fit in our trunk, but it does! I love the under seat storage area and how easy it is to collapse down. It handles so well. —Heidi Schertz, Hike it Baby Milwaukee

Burley Solstice ($389)

Out of Box Set up: Easy
Storage: Ample and easy to slide things in
Favorite thing: One handed collapse

Hands down the easiest stroller I have ever broken down. It pretty much can be done with one hand, which isn’t common for all terrain strollers, which are solid, but often a bit clunky on the collapse. Wheels also snap off easily. Locking mechanism on the front wheel took a little figuring out but once it was locked it felt good and tracked well. — Shanti Hodges

Bumbleride ($529)

Out of the Box Set Up: Plan on spending some time setting up
Storage: Great storage and coverage of baby
Favorite thing: Environmentally, this one is the winner hands down!

Care about the planet? So does Bumbleride–and they definitely are making a point of doing this in their stroller development. The fabric is made from 100% recycled nylon and the dye they use needs less water to produce. Also, there are no fire retardant materials in the stroller, which means less toxins to expose to your baby. After putting this one together and strolling around the park we had a lot of positive comments. — Shanti Hodges
We ended up choosing the Bumbleride because we wanted something a little lighter and easier to travel with. I absolutely love it, because it worked great with our Nuna car seat, and our son has been comfortable in it ever since. We aren’t sure when he will walk, so we needed to make sure to get something versatile that we can use for a long time, and it has worked great for hiking and jogging when I was training for a half marathon. — Lindsay Frost, Hike it Baby Evergreen

Honorable Mentions

While these strollers are not jogging strollers, we loved them enough to recommend them to you.

Britax B-Ready ($499)

I was never a fan of a stroller that’s just either too specific or not specific enough. That’s why after much research we purchased the Britax B-Ready system. We’ve hiked with our stroller as it has great wheels that are all-terrain, although not as big as a typical running stroller. I never had issues maneuvering it on different types of terrain and I couldn’t be happier with our choice. This is one good looking stroller, strong and very functional. — Anka Trifan

Maclaran Techno XLR ($450)

It’s not a ‘hiking’ stroller, but it can handle any dirt/rocky road without a problem. It’s an umbrella stroller with shocks in the wheels. We’ve had it for over 6 years, two children, awful Caribbean roads, a year without a car in England and it’s still going strong. — Melissa Hollingsworth

Photo Credit: Névé Photography

Disclaimer: Hike it Baby was provided with free product for this round up and honest review. All thoughts, opinions, and videos are Hike it Baby’s own and not influenced by any company or its affiliates. Comments provided by Hike it Baby members are their own and reflect their own love for their strollers.


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