We are celebrating the finish of the September HiB30 Challenge by thanking our Hike it Baby Challenge Partners for the amazing prizes that some of our lucky participants won! These Challengers were entered to win just by registering their families to get outside in September for 30 minutes 3 times per week OR to achieve 30 miles in 30 days.

Four times per year, HiB families around the world join in the fun of challenging themselves to get outdoors and to help motivate and inspire other families to do the same. The community created is enthusiastic and shares the highs and lows that affect how we spend our time outdoors. 1,629 Challengers from around the world got outside in every weather for a collective total of 38,641 miles and a total of 1,854,281 collective minutes. That’s amazing!

Thanks to our Challenge Sponsors for helping motivate families to get outdoors!

Ellas Wool
Stonz Wear
Cozey 7
Doodle Pants
Adventure Medical Kit


These Challengers were inspired by the HiB30 Challenge and are excited about their prizes. Here is what some of them had to say:

If you could describe this challenge in one word, what would it be? Why?

Meghan O’Brien: Motivating, because it helps us get out the door to spend time outside.

Monique Vargas: Inspiring.  I find it extremely inspiring to see so many people from many walks of life, different circumstances, ages, etc. taking on the challenge to get themselves and their little ones out on the trails.  Whatever our personal challenges are, everyone  always puts forth their very best efforts and that is so refreshing to see.

Gayle Girou: Achievements.

The most challenging thing this month for me was…

Meghan O’Brien: Getting back to work after having the summer off and finding weekday evenings to get outside.

Jessica Boyd: Hiking in the heat while pregnant!

Monique Vargas: During our last challenges, my little guy was still being carried a fair amount on our hikes.  Now he is more mobile and feeling more independent; he’s asked to do his own hiking more and more.  I’ll admit that at first I was impatient-I wanted to keep moving.  But then I learned to appreciate the break (carrying him can be hard work!!), and enjoy watching him explore and learn.
Also, with two other children in school and other obligations, it can sometimes be a huge challenge to find trail time.  I can recall several days where I thought I wouldn’t find the time/energy to make it out. Fortunately, I’ve got a little one who is pretty used to our outdoor routine and he pushes me daily to get out there.

Gayle Girou: The mosquitos!!!

I was most inspired during the challenge by…

Jessica Boyd: Seeing my daughter’s love of nature and her pride in her physical strength continue to grow.

Monique Vargas: All the amazing pictures from so many different places!! It makes me want to hike all the trails!

Gayle Girou: Exploring new places with my beginner walker.

Tell us about the top 3 moments of the Challenge that stick out for you (the good, the bad or the ugly!!).

Melissa Freeman:
1) A beach day in the Outer Banks with my family. It was our last beach day of the season and we logged no miles, but four hours of outside time. I love the boundless joy that kids show on the beach.
2) Letting my younger child get down and explore some on his own. He just turned one and isn’t walking yet, so he spends most of his time in a wrap while we’re hiking. But when he gets down on the ground, he’s so excited to investigate everything around him. He learned how to stay “stick” this month!
3) My three-year-old “led” his first hike this challenge. We had two other toddlers with us and it was more like a team effort; they held hands with each other and had little toddler conversations about what they saw and were generally adorable the whole way.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this September’s HiB30 Challenge! Want to join in the fun and be entered to win awesome prizes, like those given from our friends at Ellas Wool, Stonz Wear, MyMayu, Cozey 7, Doodle pants, Lunchskins, and
Adventure Medical Kits? Stay tuned to join in the next HiB30 Challenge in November!!

Photo Credits:
Kali Allen @kaliallenphotography,
Kim Ives,
Lindsay Piefer,
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Brandy Brown @huckleberry_cloud_photography


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