We are celebrating the finish of the September HiB30 Challenge by thanking our Hike it Baby prize donors for the amazing prizes that some of our lucky participants won! These Challengers were entered to win just by registering their families to get outside in September for 30 minutes 3 times per week OR to achieve 30 miles in 30 days.


Four times per year, HiB families around the world join in the fun of challenging themselves to get outdoors and to help motivate and inspire other families to do the same. The community created is enthusiastic and shares the highs and lows that affect how we spend our time outdoors. 1,629 Challengers from around the world got outside in every weather for a collective total of 38,641 miles and a total of 1,854,281 collective minutes. That’s amazing!

Thanks to these prize donors for helping motivate families to get outdoors!

Keekaroo Cafe Booster

These Challengers were inspired by the HiB30 Challenge and are excited about their prizes. Here is what some of them had to say:

If you could describe this challenge in one word, what would it be? Why?

Kim Speerschneider: Joyful. This was the first challenge my son was walking for and it changes the way he engages with nature, which has been so fun to see.

Meghann Goetz: Healthy.

Sarah Maxwell: Connecting. It connects me to my local parks, trails, neighbors &, most importantly, to my son, who hikes alongside me for every single mile.

The most challenging thing this month for me was…

Meghann Goetz: Breaking out of my routine of the same walk every day.

Nicole Winschel: Breastfeeding in woods.

Whitney Dills: A week of monsoon level of rain.

I was most inspired during the challenge by…

Kim Speerschneider: Engaging with the awesome HIB community, hearing their stories, and seeing the diverse landscapes.

Kristin Goshdigian: The stories of other families posted on the Facebook group and by the conversations with other moms during walks.

Whitney Dills: My 2.5 year old walking all 30 miles on her own two feet!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this September’s HiB30 Challenge! Want to join in the fun and be entered to win awesome prizes, like those given from our friends at Keekaroo, Cafe Booster, ClimbOn!, Kiddogear, Catalyst, ConverTees, Balega, YakTrax, DryGuy, and Lomo’Instant? Stay tuned to join in the next HiB30 Challenge in November!!

Photo Credits: Krystal Weir


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