September HiB30 Challenge Winners (1)

Congratulations to the following winners who won these awesome prizes from our Hike it Baby prize sponsors Eagle Creek, KiddoGear, Poppiez Love, Specialized, and the Hike it Baby Shop! Just by registering for the HiB30 Challenge they were entered into our prize drawing at the end of each Challenge. It’s easy as that and so much fun! See what they had to say about their September Challenge experience!

What prize did you win? What will you do with it once you receive it?

September Hib30 Challenge Winners 7 (1)Eagle Creek Pack Cubes
Melissa Janezic hiked with Mara, 6 months, and says, “Eagle Creek Pack Cubes.  We will use them to organize all the baby stuff inside our backpacks!”

Hib toddler or onesie
Gina Grone hiked with Nora, 11 months, and says, “HiB onesie! My daughter will wear it proudly!”

HIB Tshirt
Heather Hooker hiked with Kailey, 2 years old, and says, “I won the HIB tshirt. I can’t wait to wear it like a badge of honor and hope people ask me about it so I can continue to spread the word about this amazing group.”

September Hib30 Challenge Winners 7 (2)KiddoGear Hiking Harness
Corinne Miller hiked with Peregrine! She was five months old during the challenge. Corinne says, “A Kiddo harness! Once my baby hiker transforms into a mobile and waking outdoor enthusiast we will use it on all the baby lead hikes!”

Poppiez Love drool pad
Stephanie Hunt hiked with Joseph, 2 years, and says, “PoppiezLove Handmade Waterproof Picnic Blanket that we will probably take it out for a try on the first nice day.”

Specialized Small Fry Child Helmet
Angela Watson hiked with Max, 1 1/2 years old, and says, “A child’s bike helmet. Max can ride with big sister now.”
One other lucky winner won as well!



Tell us how the HiB30 Challenge “challenged” you to get outdoors and get those miles!

September Hib30 Challenge Winners 7 (3)Melissa: I’m always motivated by quantitative goals. It’s even more fun when you’re participating with a bunch of people. The facebook group was awesome, I loved seeing everyone’s pictures and it reminded me to get out.  The hardest part was that it was still hot here in Arizona, we had some over 100 degree days this month!

Gina:  Motivated me to get out more often and, in some cases, for longer.

Heather:  The HIB30 challenge and group in a whole is an amazing thing for the whole family. My husband works a lot and I love hiking and the beauty of the PNW so HIB Vancouver has given me the opportunity to share my love with my daughter safely with groups. At first the challenge was all about the 30 plus miles for me. Then to see how well my daughter did and how excited she was to get out and embrace nature it became more of an afterthought. I thank you for that. She now loves mud and has a acorn collection.

September Hib30 Challenge Winners 7 (4)Corinne:  This was my first HIB challenge and I really wanted to push myself, I figured that this would be a great opportunity to help us get moving more! I wanted to set a goal that would require us to get out every single day. My original goal was 120 miles and we ended up at 133!

Stephanie:  Being a new found lover of running and my children always asking me to go outside. I am always up for a challenge so I just strapped them in the double stroller and would go. Trying to make it out daily but with all the rain at the end that didn’t always happen.

Angela:  September in Houston is still very hot and humid. The HiB30 challenge definitely inspired me to go outside on days I would usually be hiding out in the air conditioning.


Were you surprised at the miles you achieved?

September Hib30 Challenge Winners 7 (5)Melissa: I was surprised that I got to almost 60 miles! I started running again this month with my baby in the jogging stroller, that helped add miles quickly.

Gina:  I started off strong and then slacked off, but just met my goal of 30 miles by running 4 miles with my daughter during her last waking hours of September!

Heather:  When we started this challenge we wanted to do 50 miles and started strong in the beginning even in nasty weather. However, we did catch a nasty bug towards the end and slowed down on our trail hikes. On days we felt better we still got out and took urban strolls which we never would’ve done without the HIB challenge.

Corinne:  I was hopeful that we would achieve our goal, but after about a week of walking I knew it was totally possible!

Stephanie:  I probably could have gotten more if I made it outside everyday, but with the busyness of life and colds through the house not everyday was possible.

Angela:  We achieved about the number of miles I expected. Everyone else is surprised at how many miles we logged. I have a reputation for being “indoorsy”.


Did you learn any tips/tricks for getting little ones out from the other participants in the Challenge?

September Hib30 Challenge Winners 7 (6)Melissa: My baby is still really little, she’s easy to get out. I guess the biggest thing I learned for myself was pack all our stuff the night before we want to do something and put it in the car (or by the door if we’re leaving from the house). That way it’s much easier to actually go.

Heather: I didn’t learn any new tricks or tips from others but I did from a recent book I purchased. Let them get eaten by bears is a great read about getting our children and self to fall back in love with nature. It also has good tips and tricks that helped me. My main advice I give is. Don’t set a time limit. Let them be kids and move and explore at their own pace. That’s how we learn and the joy in their smile makes the 2 hour mile worth every stop.

Corinne:  Setting up a daily routine that involves getting outdoors! Make it part of your schedule and it will naturally start to become part of your life!

Stephanie:  No tips/tricks learned. My kids love going outside. They even go to the stroller and ask if we can go run.

Angela:  Cooling towels are great for the heat.


Thanks again to our awesome prize sponsors for supplying Hike it Baby with amazing prizes to share with our winners! Join in the next HiB30 Challenge for your chance to win!!

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