This month, instead of spreading the love through chocolates and candy hearts, let us help you find some new books to love! We include a cookbook and lessons in love from some forest friends.

Let’s Cookby Susan McQuillan, RD

Want to get your children involved in cooking at home? This Sesame Street themed Let’s Cookwill have them wanting to help out every day! Featuring recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, snacks and desserts, there’s something in this book for everyone to love! Recipes are easy enough for your little ones to help, and parents will love the creative use of fruits and vegetables (like Ernie’s Light and Easy Veggie Lasagna Rolls, Best Buddies Banana Pancakes, Oscar’s Green-Like-Me Smoothie and Rosita’s Chicken Taco Burgers with Mexi-Cali Salad)!

There are plenty of recipes included in the book that you could make ahead that would be great to bring on the trail, like Abby Cadabby’s Very Cherry Multigrain Muffins and Big Bird’s Homemade Seed Crackers.

The book also includes an ABCs of healthy foods with pictures and a section on kitchen safety and food allergies. Pictures with Sesame Street characters accompany each recipe, which will keep your little chefs engaged and interested in the recipes. The end results are tasty, heart-healthy recipes your whole family can enjoy!

I Love You More by Megan Roth

This board book takes readers through the forest to meet animals and their mothers and fathers. The theme of “Do you know how much I love you?” travels from page to page as the readers get the chance to lift the book’s flaps to see the animal pairs happy together. Bright illustrations and scenes of nature accompany the story’s message of love.

Little Cub by Olivier Dunrea

Old Bear and Little Cub each live alone in the forest. While Old Bear doesn’t like being along and wishes he had someone to share his abundance of food with, Little Cub needs someone to teach him to fish and keep him company. The two end up meeting and discovering they can take care of and learn from each other. While short in length, Little Cub teaches a lesson that happiness can sometimes be found when you least expect it. This sweet story of true friendship shows just how far a kind word or action can go.

Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

In the first book of the Mother Bruce series, bear Bruce is simply trying to make some eggs. He encounters a big surprise when, instead of cooking breakfast, his eggs hatch, and the newly born ducklings mistake Bruce for their mother. No matter how hard grumpy Bruce tries, he can’t rid himself of the ducklings or his new role of mother. Eventually accepting the ducklings and motherhood as a part of his life, Bruce goes from a bear bachelor to a mother figure, traveling to Florida as his ducklings migrate to warmer weather. Subsequent stories in the series explore Bruce’s relationship with other animals of the forest and Bruce’s role of motherhood.

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