We all know that it’s great to get kids outside and that nature play has a multitude of benefits, but sometimes getting out the door is difficult even if it’s just into your own backyard. If we at least have some idea of what we are going to do once we are outside, then we are one step closer. For infants, the actual activity really isn’t as important as just giving your baby new experiences. These activities for infants are all simple, quick and easy and should be able to easily incorporated into your routine.

Here are some activities for infants to 1-year-olds in the great outdoors:

Hiking or Walking Outside

From just about birth, you can start getting your baby outside to hike or walk with you. Whether they are in the stroller, baby carrier or just in your arms, and whether you are hiking a trail or just walking back and forth in the driveway, getting outside and moving is a beneficial experience for you and your little one.

Tummy time, Reading or Playing Outside

Bring your normal inside activities outside to the fresh air. Grab a blanket and some books or toys and take playtime outside instead of inside.  Even just napping or nursing your infant outside can feel like a new experience.

Simple, Quick and Easy Outdoor Activities for Infants by Kirby Crawford for Hike it Baby (image of a little girl eating apples on a picnic blanket)Picnics

What a better place to start your baby on new foods then outside? Sit them on a blanket and picnic together while they try out new foods and new ways of feeding themselves. Added bonus: cleanup for you doesn’t involve scrubbing floors, walls, windows or high chairs. If they still need support when sitting, try a “bumbo” type seat with a tray or just bring their high chair out with you.

Sensory Play

One of the key elements for development in babies is sensory play and the outdoors is filled with new things to explore and stimulate their senses. Let them crawl around in new terrains – grass, dirt, sand, leaves, etc. Let them pick up new materials – rocks, sticks, sand or mud. Just keep a careful eye to make sure their new finds don’t turn into their next picnic.

Get dirty

Don’t be afraid to let them get dirty! Let them squish the mud or scoot through the dirt or roll around in the grass.  If you don’t want to rush to the bath tub afterwards, then move right on to one of the next activities below…

Water Play

You can take them to a pool or body of water and take them in the water with you, or fill a few bowls with water and let them splash around with their hands. Don’t overthink it – babies thrive on simplicity.


During off hours, when there are not many bigger kids around, playgrounds can be perfect places for babies to work on new large motor skills, such as crawling on new surfaces, pulling up and climbing.


Babies love bubbles. They are easy and cheap (if you are ambitious, you can make your own following this recipe) and you are sure to get some giggles!

BallsSimple, Quick and Easy Outdoor Activities for Infants by Kirby Crawford for Hike it Baby (image of a mom and her baby girl practicing walking along a beach)

One of the best toys for little ones are different sized balls for them to push around and watch bounce.  Outside is the perfect place because there is nothing to hit and plenty of space. Feel free to experiment with different size balls. This will help with both gross and fine motor control.

Walking Practice

Once your little one starts trying to walk, bring them outside where there are less sharp edges and lots of softer surfaces for the inevitable spills. The only downside is that they may become more interested in a new discovery on the ground and may not get very far!

Photos Courtesy of Kirby Crawford, Ashley Scheider and Kim Ives

What are your favorite outdoor activities for infants? Share in the comments below!




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