Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one magic piece of footwear that would work for all infants and toddlers in all weather? Well, I can guess that may not happen anytime soon. Hike it Baby kids love puddle stomping and snow dancing, so I’ve decided to pull together a holiday gift guide of great boot options to keep your little one hiking strong this winter.

Boots I can recommend for holiday gifts:


KEEN Little Kids Kootenay WP ($70)

Late last winter we got a pair of these for my son, Mason. We’ve had a difficult time fitting his fat foot in shoes (and a low level of patience). A shoe I can get on and off him quickly is a winner! We called these his “kitty cat” boot because it has a furry liner poking out. When he’s being really grumpy I can talk him into “petting” the kitty cat boot. Creative right? It’s amazing what a parent will do to calm a screeching toddler.

What I really like about these boots is that they are warm and work great for snow and rain. These are not meant for deep puddles as they are not going to keep their feet totally dry. For average hiking around or hanging outside on cold days, these are winners. They are also great for daycare where he is on and off with his shoes often. They have excellent tread, so as Mason hikes more and more, these are great for him on muddy, slippery hills.

The Kootenay’s look cute on boys and girls and come in gender-neutral colors. Whether you go with the waterproof or standard, both are warm and do the trick all winter long. These come in sizes 8-13. There is also a KEEN Toddler’s Kootenay that come in sizes 4-7 for smaller hikers. We sized up last spring and will probably still be comfortably wearing them through most of the winter. Look for sales on these boots through the holidays on the KEEN website.


Oakiwear Rubber Boots ($24.99)

If you are looking for basic rubber boots in fun colors and patterns, Oakiwear is an obvious easy choice with 16 colors and patterns to choose from. This year they even created boots that match rain jackets and umbrellas, too. Their site is great for finding matching outfits (we love the brightly colored Trail One Piece Suits) and accessories. They even have Mama and baby boots so you and your toddler can stroll around with the same look.

These are easy to slide on rubber boots with a pull up handle a toddler can’t miss, so the only challenge will be your kiddo figuring out left and right. These boots do the trick when it comes to deep puddles and/or a blustery day. The only downside with rubbers is the wide open top, which if not tucked under the pants means wet insides. Due to the nature of rubber, they can take days to dry out and aren’t going to be as good for snow. This is where the Trail Suits come in handy, with their neoprene adjustable bottoms that cinch down over a boot. Consider looking at Oakiwear neoprene or snowboots if you want something a little warmer.

These rubber boots will easily last you through a few kids with hard wear. Oakiwear frequently has sales on the site as well as through emails. Also, use this discount code: HIKEITBABY


MyMayu Explorer ($59.95)

We’ve loved these boots ever since they came on the scene. They may look like something an astronaut would wear but they work great for new, little walkers.

This was Mason’s first real mud-puddle-shoe when he began walking. I liked that they collapse down flat, so you can slide them into a bag and not have a lot of bulk. Also, they are very easy to get on and off any foot.

If you are in colder weather, there’s an additional boot liner you can purchase to keep their feet comfy. The downside to this shoe in the past was the lack of tread, so we heard comments about being slippery on inclines. While this wasn’t a problem for littles who are not walking. But as of 2016 MyMayu has the Explorer boot with tread!! We love this improvement and it makes a big difference for our little walkers. Add in a boot liner and they are great all year around.

Stonz Booties

Stonz Booties ($39.99)

This is an excellent choice for babies crawling and just learning to walk. They aren’t for bigger kids due to the fact that they have cloth bases and are made for lighter kids. Think of these like soft shell Moon Boots for infants and toddlers. Excellent for warmth and not as heavy as regular boots for walking kiddos.

This year Stonz has added a smooth rubber base to the traditional Stonz booties so that little ones who are walking on rougher and wetter surfaces have more protection. This boot reminds me of down slippers for kiddos but a tough base. Add the extra liner for more warmth so you can use in cold places. With a pair of wool socks this is a great set-up for Northern snowy climates. Select models of these are currently on sale for as low as $23.99.

Stay tuned for more great blog posts on gift guides for the Hike it Baby members in your life!

All of the products listed in this gift guide have been tested by Hike it Baby Branch Ambassadors. These brands were partners of Hike it Baby in 2016 and we did received financial compensation and/or product at points throughout the year, however our reviews reflect our experience using them. We choose products we felt were excellent picks for this winter season.

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