In honor of National Bird Day in January, we wanted to share these stories of Benjamin Birdie to help inspire littles to be brave, spread their wings and never give up when things get tough.

Meet Benjamin Birdie, a little bird with a dream of flying. Despite his mother saying he’s not quite ready, Benjamin decides to give it a shot. With the help of a menagerie of animals, Benjamin takes an adventure. Will he be ready to fly?

Author Michael Dotsikas introduces readers to Benjamin Birdie in Benjamin Birdie’s First Flight. Little Benjamin is anxious to use his wings and fly, so while his mother is away, he takes flight. While at first he has success, Benjamin quickly falls to the ground and is far from his nest. With the help of animals like the jaguar, snake, kinkajou and giraffe, Benjamin eventually makes it back to his nest and realizes that he’s not quite ready to fly on his own.

Bold illustrations and plenty of rhyme keep young readers engaged as they wait to see what happens to young Benjamin. Older readers will also enjoy learning some additional facts about the tree dwellers that help Benjamin in the appendix of animal facts, featuring illustrations and photographs of the animals highlighted in the story. A glossary is also included to help young readers expand their vocabulary.

For readers wanting more of Benjamin Birdie, the second book in the series, Benjamin Birdie and the Tree Dwellers, is also available. A determined Benjamin has not given up on his dream of flight. Although unsteady at first, Benjamin doesn’t give up, and he is eventually able to fly on his own and visit the tree-dwelling friends who helped get him home in the first book of the series. These tree dwellers are deeply inspired by young Benjamin and now have dreams of trying something new themselves.

The second book follows in the first’s footsteps with its clever rhythm and rhyme, an illustrated appendix on some of the new tree dwellers, and a glossary.

Author Michael Dotsikas spreads his message of kindness and friendship while encouraging others to follow their passions in both of the Benjamin Birdie books. For more information on Dotsikas, visit


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