Momma has taken me on four camping trips this summer and I will admit: I LOVE IT. Camping is the perfect way to spend all day AND night outside. Momma also lets me run around without shoes on and play in the dirt all day. We normally go with friends and that makes the trip even more fun.

sky baby camping

Here are few things I found to be most enjoyable for camping!

  • Bedtimes don’t count. Momma says I am normally asleep by 7:30 (whenever that is) but that didn’t happen when we went camping. She said she wanted adult time so I should go to bed. Whatever, Momma. We stayed up to see the stars and they were amazing.
  • Fire is the coolest thing ever. Hands down. Did you know you can make food on the fire? I had no idea! On top of that it makes marshmallows all melty (more on that later…). Momma said I wasn’t allowed to touch the fire so that was a bit disappointing but she did give me more marshmallows so that helped.
  • Marshmallows are the most amazing food ever. I’ve never had a marshmallow before and I’m pretty sure Momma was holding on out me. Did you know marshmallows are sticky? That’s amazing as they stick wherever you put them like your friends hair! Momma says marshmallows are only for camping so I’ve been asking to to go again.
  • Shoes are optional. Sometimes pants are even optional!
  • Tents are neat. Plus you can easily get in and out of them. No door handle to reach so they are easy to open and close. Plus the bed is on the floor so very easy to get into and out of. Momma says no shoes in the tent so that means no shoes at all, right!
  • You can go hiking anytime when you are camping. Woke up from a nap? Go hiking! Middle of the night? Go hiking! Since you are in the woods there is hiking everywhere.
  • Pit toilets are really fun to drop things into. Momma gets really weird when we go into the bathroom and starts yelling “DON’T TOUCH A THING” so obviously that means touch everything. Did you know that when you drop things in the toilet it makes a big splashy sound but you can’t see it. So keep trying things to see what splashes the biggest is my new game.
  • There are bugs everywhere. There were ants to follow around the camp, flies to watch land on things and giant spiders. Momma says the spiders are called “daddy long leggeds”. I agree they are like daddy spiders with big long legs. I can pick them up and Momma says they don’t hurt people. She also says to be careful as they are delicate. I even got to keep a leg.
  • I get my very own chair. Momma bought me a chair that folds so I can take it anywhere I want around the campsite. I love it. No one else is allowed to sit in though as it’s mine. MINE.

Hope you love camping as much as I do! XOXO Sky Baby


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