According to the Oxford dictionary, a volunteer is a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. At Hike it Baby, volunteers are people who give their time, heart, passion, initiative, and creativity to better the lives of families in their communities and beyond. They work tirelessly to raise a generation to love the outdoors and each other.

In celebration of April’s National Volunteer Month, we want to shine a light on the tremendous team of volunteers that are the heart of Hike it Baby.




A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.

National Volunteer Teams Keep Hike it Baby Running

Did you know that every hike submitted to the calendar is reviewed for accuracy and thoroughness, to ensure a positive hike experience, by a volunteer?

Did you know that when you email tech support with a question or issue, a volunteer is helping you?

Did you know that the majority of the content on the Hike it Baby blog is written by volunteer writers?

With a small, mostly part-time staff of eight, the majority of the day-to-day work that happens at Hike it Baby is completed by volunteers. At the National level, over 70 volunteers run 10 essential teams within the organization. Each team is operated by a dedicated Team Captain. The teams include Ambassador Support, Calendar, Hike it Baby 30 Challenge, Mentorship, Technical Support, Family Trail Guide, Training and Content. The efforts of our Team Captains and the national volunteers are what keep the day to day of Hike it Baby running.

Thank you to our Team Captains that move our mission forward with essential work:

  • Vanessa Wright – ACE Team Captain
  • Paige Forberger – Calendar Team Captain
  • Rebecca Hosley – Lead Blog Volunteer
  • Jennifer Grenter – Branch/Data Team
  • Lacey Stock – Family Trail Guide Team
  • Keira Wickliffe Berger – Family Trail Guide Team
  • Dustin Thorley – Hike it Baby 30 Challenge Team & Social Media Team
  • Michelle Robinson – Mentor Team
  • Sara Marion – Tech Support

(Not pictured: Sara Marion)



Branch Ambassadors Build the Hike it Baby Community

Over 570 Branch Ambassadors keep Hike it Baby’s 300+ Branches running across North America, helping nearly 280,000 families attend over 16,000 hikes annually. Hike it Baby Branch Ambassadors are role models within their communities, cultivating an inclusive group for families to meet regularly in the outdoors, upholding the values of Hike it Baby, and spreading a love for nature and each other.

Branch Ambassadors spend their time hosting hikes, creating engagement in their Branch Facebook group, promoting their Branch to encourage new participants, and working with and guiding hike hosts. Branch Ambassadors are inspiring, creative, positive, and dedicated. They foster local Hike it Baby communities that directly benefit the people in their area by connecting more families with babies and young children to nature and each other.

group of parents and young children hiking

Thank You to our Volunteers

In 2019, Hike it Baby volunteers worked over 100,000 hours, driven by their passion for ensuring everyone experiences the many benefits of nature. A very heartfelt thank you to all of the Hike it Baby volunteers, past and present, that have helped to make Hike it Baby the organization it is today. 

Whether you are an experienced outdoors person or just getting started, becoming a Hike it Baby Ambassador in your community is an amazing way to build a strong outdoor foundation for your whole family. Learn how you can get involved with Hike it Baby by volunteering as a Branch Ambassador today!

If you are a current Hike it Baby Ambassador and are interested in volunteering at the National level, please contact

About Hike it Baby

Hike it Baby is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to getting families outdoors and on trails across the U.S. and internationally, supporting, educating, and inspiring families through their more than 300 communities across North America. Since its grassroots inception in 2013 in Portland, Oregon, Hike it Baby is now a growing community of 270,000 families and 500 volunteer branch ambassadors hosting more than 1,600 hikes per month. More information, as well as daily hike schedules, can be found at, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Images courtesy of Laura Castro. 


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