There is no denying this has been a tough few months for everyone. We are all playing a role in getting through this pandemic. Even by staying at home, you are helping to keep the world that much safer, so thank you. But, there are those who are in occupations where they have greater exposure to COVID-19, and therefore a greater threat to their health and the health of those in their households. We wanted to recognize the members of the Hike it Baby community that are working in healthcare, keeping our food and other essential products stocked and delivered, ensuring public safety, and performing other essential services during this time.

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If there is someone in your life (or you) that you would like to recognize for their contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic, please fill out the form here. We’ll shine a light on their efforts and hold space for them in our community.


Name Hike it Baby Branch Role
Christian Herrington HiB Colorado Springs Firefighter/paramedic
Kate Youngberg Lehigh Valley, Pa Kate is a Physician’s Assistant in the emergency room for Lehigh Valley Health Network. She works at 3 different locations. She has worked with COVID-19 patients and has (and continues) to have video consultations with patients.
Rosy Kelley Akron OH My sister, Rosy, is an amazing ER nurse in a rural Ohio county and has been testing patients. Her county just had its first reported cases of Covid-19 this week.
Elizabeth Kistler Hike it Baby Pittsburgh I take x-rays at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.
Michael Tilbury Reno-Tahoe As a UPS driver, Michael is out in our community every day making sure others have the much-needed items they need to be able to stay safe at home. Delivering everything from essentials like toilet paper to medicine to art supplies so parents can entertain their kids— he works tirelessly (many times not getting home until 9 when his own son is already asleep) to help others, while understanding he is at risk being out and about all the time.
Ashley Cappelletty York/Harrisburg RN at a critical care hospital.
Kristine Chieh San Diego RN taking care of general and COVID-19 inpatients, depending on where I am assigned that day. I also obtained and distributed 900 N95 masks to my nursing coworkers thanks to the generosity of my family and friends.
Dr. Maria Pia Castillo Lehigh Valley Family Medicine Specialist
Mara Gavit-Doyle Colorado Springs ER nurse in Pueblo
Christian Herrington HiB Colorado Springs Firefighter/paramedic
Kyla Phillips Vancouver Wa Working at the hospital in Care Management to oversee the day to day operations, manage staffing, and gather community resources to support our patients. Most recently this includes staffing to reduce burnout, keeping our team informed on the daily COVID 19 process changes and community collaboration.
Nathan Colglazier Fort Wayne Nathan is my husband and he currently works as a pulmonary physician assistant. Part of his time is spent working in the ICU directly with COVID patients.
Sarah Young Charlottesville, VA Sarah is a nurse working in the COVID unit at UVA hospital.
Christina Cooper Vancouver, WA She is an NP and has been working from home via video visits.
Mitchell Davis San Diego, CA My husband is a cardio perfusionist who is helping keep COVID patients alive through ECMO.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Hike it Baby’s mission is to provide resources to help those sheltering at home and social distancing to continue to find ways to make the outdoors a part of everyday life. We’ve gathered informational blog posts, printable activity sheets, and more into a single webpage to make it easy for you to access the tools you need to get outside safely and responsibly – and to hopefully bring some joy into your life during a stressful time. View more at the At-Home Resources page.

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