Thankful for Hiking Part 2We asked you to tell us why you are thankful for hiking for your babies and the responses came flooding in! Here is what Hike it Baby members had to say: 


I am thankful for the peaceful calm hiking gives my baby and myself no matter how hectic our day might be.
–Callie, Houston

I’m thankful for hiking with my babies because it’s something free that we can do together, that gets us out of the house and enjoying nature!
–Alexis Christensen, Portland

1.We get to explore our world which keeps life interesting and exciting. There are always new places to visit and even old favorites have something new to offer every time we go.
2. It helps slow me down so I can appreciate the time with my baby more. I can get so focused on everything I have to do but when I’m on a hike all that falls away and I can just enjoy the moment.
3.No matter what kind of night we had or how our day is going hiking makes us calm and happy!
4. Hiking makes the day memorable. Our hikes are experiences I wish I could bottle up and hold onto forever. I hope that hiking will be a hobby that my daughter and I can continue to enjoy together as she gets older. And I hope that when she’s old enough to remember that she’ll look back on our hikes as special memories.
–Sara Gagliano, New Brunswick

As a first time mom, I was totally unsure what motherhood would be like. Of course I imagined, but until little mister was placed on my chest I had no idea. When I found HIB by accident, I decided I’d give it a try. I have yet to make a HIB group hike, however my husband, sisters, and dog have accompanied me on various trails. I am so very thankful for having discovered this group and challenging me to get my baby boy (3 months this past Sunday) outside. I have been able to witness him truly experience his surrounding and stare at the trees and feel the autumn breeze. I have had judgement cast for taking a little baby outside, but momma knows best!
–Jessica D, Genesee County, MI

I’m thankful for Hike it Baby providing a way to hike with other parents. I’m thankful for the community and the conversations. I’m thankful for the opportunity to watch my toddler blossom and explore. I’m thankful for the ability to go outside and enjoy fresh air. I’m definitely thankful for long naps after all the fresh air and toddler walks.
–Jessica Featherstone, Milwaukee


Missed Part 1? Read it here. Why are you thankful for hiking with your babies? Just fill out this form and we’ll feature it in a future blog post. 


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