HIBLogoGirl_wordsCombo“Why are you thankful for hiking with your babies?” We asked and you answered. Here is what Hike it Baby members had to say: 

Because walking in the woods is full of miracles! Discovering worms and bugs under old logs, turning sticks into magic wands or leaf blowers, and the greatest miracle of all- that kids who were pushing all of my buttons when we were inside return to their naturally joyous selves when surrounded by trees and light. So grateful for the hiking memories from the past year, and looking forward to the adventures ahead!
–Becky T., DC

I am thankful for hiking with my babies because of the quiet closeness it gives my wrapped infant and I while at the same time my 5-year-old is able to explore nature with his HiB friends. i am thankful for the opportunity to be in nature with friends and family, exercising, learning, and socializing.
–Aly Jobke, Waukesha, WI

I am thankful that I get to make memories with my son on the trails, just as my father made memories with me when I was little. These include on-the-trail diaper changes, feedings, having my heart stop when he gets too close to a cliff, but mostly the way that he instantly becomes calm the second we begin to move, as though he is just taking it all in. So many moments that I’ll be forever thankful for.
–Mary Beth Burgstahler, Twin Cities

I am thankful for hiking with my baby because it has made me really see and appreciate the beautiful place we live instead of just complaining about the weather, like I used to do. Hike It Baby has motivated me to do more outside, both with my little one and on my own.
–Kate Vance, Portland

I am thankful for hiking with my babies because it makes us all SO happy. I have always loved the outdoors but have struggled in getting out since my daughter was born. With the encouragement of this group I am now able to easily get out with both my children! I love that I can do something that makes me still feel like me and not just mom. I also love how much my children love the outdoors. I am thankful for all of the crazy, happy hours spent outside instead of being cooped up and miserable inside.
–Heather, Burlington County

Read all the inspiring responses: Part 1 and Part 2Why are you thankful for hiking with your babies? Just fill out this form and we’ll feature it in a future blog post. 


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