Thankful for Hiking Part 4

Because it’s providing us with both a meaningful quality time spent together as well as time outside which is so hard to fit in a full-time working parent’s schedule sometimes. It’s also bringing peace to mind, releases stress and anxiety from the daily life’s happenings and re-centers my priorities when I get to spend a few hours a week hiking with my family. Only when deprived of these special moments one can truly understand and appreciate so much more the time spent outside. The more challenging times that I struggled the most to find balance between work/parenting/life were the times I couldn’t find time to get out and hike.
–Anka, HIBVan

I love that one of her first words was “outside.” Another was dog and we don’t even have any pets!
–Chantae Pederson, Boise

I’m so thankful to hike with my LO because it brings me such joy to watch him grow, explore, and smile. My LO is now a walker and learning to run. He loves to be outside and often asks to go outside multiple times per day. I’m so glad that he is asking to play outside with friends at only 1.5 years old instead of asking to watch television.
–Carrie Wenzel, Douglas County, CO

When I discovered HIB, my daughter was just over 1 year old and not only had I not lost any baby weight, I had added 10lbs since her birth. My daughter had just started walking and I could not keep up with her. I was scared of what our future would be but I didn’t know how to make a change and incorporate a fitness routine that would include her. I lurked in the group at first but eventually got out on a walk, then a hike. The first hike was one of the hardest thing I have ever done. It ended with a group of women I had just met, giving me tremendous support and encouragement to make it up the last incline that led to the parking lot. I knew then, that this group was exactly what I needed. I can now barely go a few days without going on a hike or being outside. I have lost a lot of weight since starting, but what my daughter and I have gained, is immeasurable.
–Chadlea, Spokane

I am so thankful for hiking with my little guy! I love seeing the wonder reflected in his eyes when he looks up into the leaves. Then his eyes meet mine and we exchange a smile because being in nature puts us both fully in the moment!
–Heather Smidt, Boston

I am thankful for hiking with my baby because my husband and I enjoy it very much. I would like her to love the outdoors as much as we do. From hiking and playing outdoors at this young age, we hope it teaches her about nature, and she’ll grow up to help preserve it.
–Randie Lin, Houston

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