Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are in the home stretch of the Hike it Baby 30! It’s been such a fun month and amazing to see you all get out there and after it! We can’t believe how hard everyone charged in spite of cold weather drops, rain, sick babies and vacations.

Here’s what I learned from the Hike it Baby 30

  • I hike more miles than I thought I hike!
  • I am more likely to walk somewhere over drive when I have a goal of miles to reach
  • Doing a challenge with people is fun
  • When I see other people getting out there it motivates me to get out there
  • My baby is way tougher than I thought (we hiked through 3 rain storms)
  • I can carry more than I ever imagined (I did a 6.5 mile stretch carrying Mason)
  • It’s more fun to hike with people than alone
  • I learned a lot about layering for all different kinds of days and ages!

Hike it Baby 30 first started as an idea texted to me from Beth Silva about hiking 30 miles of the Wildwood trail in November. She texted me mid-October. I never couldThanksgiving and Hike it Baby 30 Last Week! have imagined it would have the impact that it had on so many people. I was inspired daily by Moms and Dads (grandparents and other family members) who got out there tirelessly and shared their experience. I loved watching all of the technology that was used in a positive way (Who knew there were so many ways you could track a hike from Strava to Endomondo to Maymyrun). I learned how to use Google Maps really well and I loved plotting my hikes.

While I am still 8 miles from completing the Wildwood trail, I am excited that I hiked so much of it. So regardless of whether I get all 30 miles, it was still a cool experience to track it all and see what I could do.

Tell us about your experience with Hike it Baby 30. Share it on with your community! Let’s get everyone in on the next challenge. This one we had over 300 families with around 8000 miles. Let’s see if we can double that for the January challenge.


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