Have you ever turned down an opportunity to get outside with your kids because you felt as though you didn’t have the right gear for the weather? High quality outdoor clothing is expensive, and it can be frustrating to buy something awesome only to have the littles grow out of it after one season of use.

Living in the mountains of Colorado, we don’t mess with the weather. A rain jacket has to be 100% waterproof, down puffs need to be super warm yet light enough to fit in the carseat, and snowpants need to hold up to multiple seasons of rough use…from the playground to the ski slopes. We also can’t afford to shell out tons of money to outfit the family. Which is why we recommend buying your gear second hand.

Introducing Threadlyte

In the outdoor clothing space, Threadlyte is filling the need for a reliable source for secondhand outdoor clothing for the entire family. Threadlyte is an online secondhand outdoor clothing company where you can find brand name outdoor clothing for men, women, and kids at great prices. The goal of Threadlyte is to make it more affordable for families to get outside in the name-brand, high-quality clothing that will stand up to the elements (and hardcore playing).  

The advent of the ecommerce secondhand market has been a game changer. Now you can shop secondhand from the comfort of your home. No dragging the family to the consignment store only to be disappointed with their selection!

It’s Easier than Ever to be environmentally Friendly

Aside from being easy on the wallet, buying secondhand is also great for the environment. We are teaching our two young girls that part of loving the outdoors is taking care of the outdoors. We all have a responsibility to be aware of how our actions impact the environment, and to do what we can to preserve it for future generations. The clothing industry is notoriously dirty. Textile production requires the use of significant amounts of water, dyes, and chemicals. Millions of pounds of discarded clothes end up in our landfills every year. In buying high-quality clothing, and continuing to wear it until the end of its useful life, we are reducing the demand for new clothing production and keeping textiles out of our landfills. It is easy to see that the benefits of buying secondhand clothing extend beyond the bank.

Will you join us in our mission to get people thinking about shopping secondhand for their outdoor clothing? The Earth needs our help now, more than ever.

We know it is hard to get out the door with kids, and that getting the high quality gear you need can be expensive! Make it that much easier by shopping Threadlyte for high quality, name brand outdoor clothing at prices that won’t break the bank. Check us out out at www.threadlyte.com and Happy Adventuring!

This post is sponsored and written by Threadlyte, an online secondhand store for outdoor gear for kids and their families. 


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