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As parents we have a million things going through our minds at any given moment.

So, when we are outside exploring, one thing we CAN get out of our mind at least is preventing bugs bites. For that there are some simple instructions that can make a big difference in making sure the buzzing and biting critters stay away from our nature fun.

Read through our tips for applying insect repellant, and be sure to watch our video below!

  • When applying insect repellent, hold the spray about 6 inches from skin and clothing, too close and it may saturate a small spot, too far and it may disperse before covering the area.


  • Use just the amount of spray needed to cover the area. Don’t let the little ones apply it themselves to avoid contact with eyes or mouth, because .. (sigh)you know they would otherwise.


  • Do not spray directly onto their face or neck, instead, spray the repellent onto your hands and then apply to them. And don’t forget behind their ears!


  • Lastly, If you are using sunscreen, apply the bug repellent after applying sunscreen so as to maintain the repellent properties on the skin’s surface.

Now get outside, explore, and enjoy looking for bugs, without the fear of those that will ruin your day!

And check out our video created in partnership with Natrapel below!


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