Trick-or-Treat time is upon us, but when your little ones are out of their costumes and tucked in for the night, try one of these stories. Once they’re sound asleep, there’s even a book suggestion for you!

This month, our members are treating you to some books they’ve discovered.

October book reviews by Jessica Nave for Hike it BabyLifeby Cynthia Rylant

Life is a picture book that celebrates the wonder of life and the beauty of the natural world.

Brendan Wenzel’s gorgeous illustrations grab the reader’s attention, while Cynthia Rylant’s words beautifully capture the many wonderful things about life. The wise animals in this book remind us to look for beauty every day, even when faced with adversity. The book’s message and the breath-taking illustrations, make it perfect for readers of all ages. It is one that will definitely be added to our bookshelf.

-Reviewed by Natalie Kendrach, Capital Region NY and Southern Adirondacks

Old Turtle and the Broken Truth by Douglas Wood

This is a powerful story about love, acceptance and truth. It begins with a “truth” that falls onto earth and splits in two. When the people discover one piece of the truth, it brings them happiness and strength. They soon become arrogant and greedy, unwilling to share the truth with others. When this happens, war begins and the earth starts to suffer. A Little Girl searches for the wise Old Turtle whose knowledge helps the people mend their broken truth.

Douglas Wood’s beautiful tale is masterfully illustrated in watercolors by Jon J Muth. The healing words and stunning pictures of “Old Turtle and the Broken Truth” make it a must-read for every child. Having taught for ten years, it is one that I read to all of my students. So impressed with the book’s message and illustrations, I have purchased a copy for each of my children and will read to them, time and time again, as they grow older.

-Reviewed by Natalie Kendrach, Capital Region NY and Southern Adirondacks

October book reviews by Jessica Nave for Hike it BabyHappiness for Beginners by Katherine Centers

This book is about a woman who enrolls in a survival wilderness hike after a rough year. Her hopes are to find herself and grow strong. She has no skills, is not an outdoors person, and quickly finds her trip full of distractions she had no desire for.

I loved this book because it is so well written and such a wonderful read. I couldn’t put it down. I have never identified so strongly with a character. Now I really want to do a wilderness hike.

-Reviewed by Stefanie Buxel, Kitsap Pennisula

Have you read any good books lately? We like to share reviews on books that our members have read that are hiking – or outdoors- related. From infant board books to adult page-turners, we love to hear about what you are reading! I’ll include a review of my own in each blog post, but Hike it Baby would love to hear from you! Share a book review with us on this form and we may feature it in an upcoming blog post!


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