Tryon Creek Again


This last week I didn’t write an update. Sorry. We had an amazing week and I should have been posting, but alas, it was one of those intense Mama weeks when lots happened and sitting at my computer writing blogs just wasn’t in the mix. So, here’s the run down all smashed into one.

Tuesday was cold! Around 40 degrees at the beginning of the hike. The sun was shining, however, and by the end of the hike things warmed up a bit. This was our biggest hike yet. 24 moms, 2 dads and 24 babies! Impressive numbers. That’s 50 awesome families enjoying fresh air and all of the beauty Portland has to offer. The group hiked the Audubon Society trail, the same hike we did the week before on Wednesday. This hike we had two dads show up too! Yay Dads!

For those who haven’t done this hike it’s very mellow and there are lots of loops, so it’s an excellent one for new mom’s getting their hiking legs back.

The second hike of the week was on Wednesday and we hit up Council Crest. This was the same hike the Tuesday group did the week before. We had about half the people of the previous day, but once again two dads. I love that Dads are starting to get after it with us!! The hike was beautiful and a little warmer than Audubon the day before. This is a steep straight up the mountain and then back down. No loops. Great hike if you want to get the butt burn on! Amazing view at the top. We had some haze but on a clear day you can see all of the mountains surrounding Portland.

Our final hike of the week was on Saturday. We had another go at Tryon Creek. Friday night and early Saturday morning the rain hammered down and reports said 90% chance of rain on Saturday. Then at about 1pm the clouds broke and we had a beautiful sunny hike! I brought out the Together Gear Mama Ponchos for moms to try, but we only had a brief sprinkle and then it was back to sun.

Check out photos on Facebook and make sure to invite every Mom you see out there to join us. The numbers keep growing. Next week we have 4 hikes. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

See you out there!



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