Over the last two years, we’ve had the pleasure of rolling out our Wander Walks programming to over 45 locations across North America.

Our Wander Walks initiative focuses on engaging young families in activity based signage that supports early childhood development and nature based play. For example, a family might be walking through a local greenspace and they see a Wander Walks sign which encourages them to explore a little further, spend a little more time outside, and ultimately it helps them have a positive and memorable experience together. Each sign is guided by Wox the Wander Walk fox and shares movement based activities, stories about native species and indigenous people, and opportunities to practice mindfulness, as well as fun nature facts that Wox tells us throughout the Wander Walk. Signs are bilingual (English and Spanish) and include adaptations for those with altered abilities. 

Thanks to partners like Merrell, L.L.Bean, Sunday Afternoons, Turtle Fur, Joules and Burley, we were able to install signs in a variety of locations as both semi-permanent signage in partnership with local parks and recreation departments, and as event kits sent to our Branch Ambassadors, and community partners so they can pack them up and move them from place to place to help get their branches active on the trail. Each kit is made up of 10 signs, which are selected from our library of individual signs, offering the opportunity to pick the best signs for their location.


We’ve really enjoyed seeing where our community has been able to Wander with Wox! Here’s some of what people love about our Wander Walk signs.


Hikers can interact with the signs as a group participating on a hike together, or on their own.

We partnered with the Point au Roche State Park Nature Center and put the signs along one of their short trails (about a quarter mile). We had several group Wander Walks, but those staying away from others due to Covid concerns especially enjoyed that they could do the Wander Walk on their own at any time.  – Valerie Gregory, Hike it Baby Adirondack Coast NY Branch Ambassador


The signs can be used in a small area, and doesn’t have to be a hiking trail! They help kids engage with nature where ever that nature may be:

Wander Walks were a great way to get our students out of the classroom and outside. Our program doesn’t have great access to the outdoors, however we were able to facilitate an educational opportunity for our students right on school grounds with the help of the Wander Walks program. – Sam Giffin, Program Director for 21st Century Grant in Marysville, WA


Wander Walks create a unique, interactive opportunity to go from simply moving along a trail to actually sensing what is happening around you

This Wander Walk was interactive for our family, and helped point out things that you might not have noticed.  For example, it made us more aware of bug life.  We also went on the Ice Age Trail, and we actually looked around at what was around us rather than just walked after noticing some of what the signs pointed out.  It was a great outing with my grandkids. – Sue H, Eagle,  WI

To learn more about Wander Walks, reach out to us where you can get a set of your own, or partner with us to develop our next custom Wander Walk sign!


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