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The Earth, as it turns out, is kinda like a giant drop of water floating out in space, and just about everything and everyone inside depends on it to survive.

For example, what we eat, how we grow what we eat, the soil in which we grow the things we eat, even our very bodies are made of water! Water moves through all of the places on our planet, bringing life to all it touches. Keeping water systems healthy means we have the water we need to drink and grow our food, but water isn’t just for us, and keeping it healthy affects far beyond what we see in our glass.  

Pamela Slaughter, founder of People of Color Outdoors and her niece at Whitaker Ponds.


As water moves through the water cycle, it’s easy to forget what happens at those places in between, not the oceans or the rivers, the rain or clouds, but where water collects, where the land meets the ocean, where the river meets the land, or those amazing inland areas where water pools, covering the ground for most of the year. 

With our Water & Wetlands Initiative, we invite you as parents & caregivers to learn and share about the water cycle, wetland areas, wildlife refuges, the incredible plants and animals that call these special places home, and how you and your families can take action to keep our planet’s water healthy. We’ve made it easy and fun with options for kids of different ages, because we believe it’s never too early to start having important conversations.

1. Watch our “Water & Wetlands” video as a family

2. Follow up by asking these questions to start a conversation

For Little Kids

  • Where can you find water outside?
  • Where do you use water in your house?
  • How can you use less water in your house?

For Big Kids

  • Where does the water in your house come from?
  • How do we protect water in nature?
  • Why do you think plants and animals need special places like Wetland Refuges to be their homes? Why is your home special to you?


3. Download the “My Water Workbook” here. Complete the activities together, talking all about water as you go. 

Our “My Water Workbook” is available in English and Spanish and is full of fun activities for the littles and *BONUS!! is also secretly full of things to learn! From the water cycle to wildlife refuges to wetlands and more, it’s all inside! Because we believe that fostering a love of nature brings with it a desire to protect the natural world and our planet. And as parents and caregivers, we have the chance to build upon our children’s curiosity and to make that initial connection. 

4. Interested in learning more with your kids? Check out these books from your local library and read together.

  • Water Rolls, Water Rises / El agua rueda, el agua sube by Pat Mora
  • We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom
  • Agua, Agüita/ Water, Little Water by Jorge Argueta
  • Life in a Wetland by Doris Dumrauf
  • If You Were A Wild Duck, Where Would You Go? by George Mendoza





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