We're Not Afraid of a Little Rain! (1)Winter is creeping in and the leaves are falling (and in some places are gone already). Jackets are going on and baby snowsuits are being pulled out, borrowed and bought! This is the winter you will get out there because you have an amazing network of friends now who will do it with you.

Here are a few pieces of gear to think about as you get out there. Having the right gear is an important step. BUT don’t let that stop you. Borrow it, buy it used, go online and find clearance deals.

1. Track Your Hikes

Good tracking software for your iPhone, Droid or other smartphones so you can see how far you and your little one have traveled.


Map My Run

Trail Tracker

All Trails

2. Hiking Poles

Hiking poles can prevent a lot of wear and tear on your knees. If you are concerned about them being expensive, we get a great discount with Cascade Mountain Tech on poles. Go to their website and you get $15 off the click locking ones with the code “HIKEITBABY”

3. Carrier

A good carrier is critical if you want to complete a lot of miles. Look for one that won’t stretch out (cotton ones tend to stretch with a lot of wear) and we like having a nylon outerlayer to deal with rain. The Osprey backpack has a rain cover that can be purchased. Also you can get covers for soft carriers. Here’s a great store called Carry Me Away that is sponsoring the Challenge that you can get a rain cover for your carrier from Ergo (can use with any carrier though). Onya Baby ($10 off with code “hikeitbaby1” Ergo Performance Osprey Deuter

4. Shoes

Try to wear shoes with good tread on them and not just runners if you plan on hitting up trails. Columbia has some good deals on shoes often that you can find in most sporting goods stores. Also subscribe to this site for amazing daily deals on outdoors gear every day. Another suggestion that came in from a Hike it Baby moms is to head to Salvation Army or other thrift stores. Look for work boots or hiking shoes used. You don’t need fancy shoes to hike in muddy, rainy weather –  you just need good shoes.

5. Layers

Layering is critical with rain and snow and hiking in the winter. So far my favorite find of all time has been the Together Gear Mamababy Poncho (although this may be costly for some budgets at $189. Currently we have a deal with the code “HIBOCT” for $25 off.) The poncho coupled with another amazing find, the Boba vest is the perfect combo for staying dry and warm. Both of these items cover you and baby, which makes it easy to head out even with impending weather. Another good idea is to invest in some rain pants. You don’t need to get expensive ones. Look on websites like REI in their clearance and discount areas for some basic simple rain pants. You can usually get these for $30-70.

6. For BabyWe're Not Afraid of a Little Rain! (2)

Carter’s makes great CHEAP fleece pieces you can get and layer up. Consider investing in some good tights (we won’t tell anyone your little boy is wearing tights) to put under socks and snow outfits. Get cheap, synthetic fleece material pants and put them over another pair of pants. Make sure babies feet has layers because he/she isn’t moving. Hats that tie on or button on are key if your kiddo is anything like my guy who hates hats!


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