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Looking for a new Bedtime book?

Little Owl’s Night by Divya Srinivasan

Has your child ever asked what animals do at night? Little Owl’s Night helps answer this question as readers follow Little Owl through his evening of visiting friends before the morning sun shines and he heads back home to go to sleep.

Different from your typical bedtime story, Little Owl’s Night does not feature rhyming or any human characters. Instead, the story takes the reader through a journey in the night forest as Little Owl observes plants and animals in the night. The story winds down as Little Owl returns to his mother and he falls asleep as she tells him a story as the sun is coming up for the day.

Children will love the cute illustrations on each page, and older children can have conversations with you about how the night forest is different from the day forest they are accustomed to hiking. Readers can also compare their bedtime routine to how Little Owl prepares for bed.

Little Owl’s Night is available as a board book, e-book, or hardcover book. Author Divya Srinivasan also has a companion book, Little Owl’s Day, if your reader wants to travel through the forest with Little Owl again!


Hike it Baby Community Book Reviews


Up: A Mother and Daughter’s Peakbagging Adventure by Patricia Ellis Herr

Inspiring read for mothers and good read aloud for little girls. Shows that being little doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish great things in the face of those who doubt you.


Night Animals by Gianna Marino

This book is a humorous look at things that go bump in the night. While not a realistic portrayal of nocturnal animals, the antics are quite humorous. Plus, it helped start a discussion about what we hear when we are out camping. We talked about how animals are usually just as scared of us as we are of them. My three year old was laughing non-stop and immediately asked to read it again.
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