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The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Our seed’s journey begins in the fall. As the wind blows the flower seeds high and low, some survive and some perish. Those that survive the long winter and cold will sprout to flowers in the spring and summer before the cycle begins again in fall.

In The Tiny Seed, readers follow the journey of one seed in particular as it escapes being eaten by a bird and burned by the sun. Illustrated in classic Eric Carle fashion, children will love hearing about the seed’s journey and enjoy the colorful illustrations.

Besides making a good bedtime story, reading this book before a hike may inspire young readers to look for the stages of a seed’s life cycle while on trail! No matter the season, the life of a new flower is taking place. Parents or hike hosts may also wish to plant seeds with young hikers and watch the life cycle take shape at home.

There are a few versions of this book. Mine is a board book that can fit in my hand, so it’s more suited for a small audience than a classroom full of children. There is also a version available that comes with seeds that your young reader can plant!




Pond by Jim LaMarche

From the striking illustrations to the lyrical text, this book covers all the bases for me as a reader. The young boy, Matt, and his friends, Pablo and Katie, restore a pond that had a lot of garbage in it. The book speaks to the power of the young to change the world in a positive way. It also shows how the connections we have with nature deepen when we care for it. This book does have a lot of text, so it’s great for our preschool-age group. The illustrations are simply breathtaking.

The Raft by Jim LaMarche

The illustrations alone make this book worth it. It’s so gorgeous to look at. The text is a bit long, so it’s better for the preschool-age group. A young boy stays with his Grandma for the summer and discovers the wonders of nature along with the help of a raft. This book really shows how much nature we can see when we are patient and allow the animals to become comfortable in our presence. You can see the young boy become more and more excited about his adventures on the river as the summer progresses. It’s a special book about relationships, nature and personal growth.

Beach Baby by Laurie Elmquist

This board book is perfect for the youngest Hike it Baby reader. The illustrations are vivid and realistic. The text is short and sweet. It’s a bit magical, especially for those who have experienced the beach at sunset.

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