Another Hike it Baby 30 is on the horizon, and if you’re not feeling motivated by that thought, it may be more than just the decidedly un-spring like weather gracing your locale right now.  Jumping on board for a HiB 30 is essentially forming a new habit.  It involves setting expectations for ourselves for an entire month, then following through. That is easier for some of us than others, family circumstances aside. Did you know that your temperament can play into how well you handle a HiB 30 Challenge?

Four Fateful Tendencies

We are all faced with both outer expectations, such as obeying traffic rules, and inner expectations, like quitting a bad habit. The key is asking ourselves: “how do I respond to expectations?” Our response, it turns out, may depend a lot on our inborn temperament. Habits researcher Gretchen Rubin has come up with four distinct types of responses she labels “Four Fateful Tendencies.”


If you are a rebel, then something about the HiB 30 challenge pushes you away. Inside you resist the idea of “having to hike” for a month because you prefer to act from choice and freedom, and do things how and why you see fit. If you want more time outside, you’ll do it your own way, and in your own time. But you don’t relish the rules or commitment of a HiB 30 challenge, and may never participate at all.


You resist outer expectations, and wouldn’t commit to a HiB 30 just because everyone else is doing it. You need an inner motivation that makes sense to you–you have to know the “why?”  If you’ve been wanting to get the kids out on the trail more, and a HiB 30 comes along to make that more of a priority for you, then you’ll be game. Once you’ve internalized it, it becomes an inner expectation that you will have no trouble meeting.


If you are on obliger, you thrive in HiB 30 challenges because you need external motivation to meet your internal goals. Accountability motivates you. You love the hike log and the Facebook group where you are encouraged by others trying to accomplish the same goal. In fact, you know that without the challenge you would never hike 30 miles in a month.


Consider yourself lucky if you are an upholder because you find it easier than the other personality types to meet both inner and outer expectations. You don’t need a HiB 30 to hike 30 miles in a month–you could do that simply by setting a goal for yourself. But once committed, you won’t let yourself, your branch, or the HiB community down. You will also be very careful to follow the challenge rules as written.

What is your tendency?

Did you see yourself in one of the four tendencies? Knowing how you are most likely to react to a HiB 30 challenge is helpful for making it work best for you. And if you are a rebel, you can quit feeling bad for not wanting to participate at all! Perhaps gifting or donating a registration is the best way for you to support the Hike It Baby organization.

What is your tendency, and how will you use that knowledge to your benefit in the April HiB 30?

(Interested in reading more about the Four Fateful Tendencies? Check out ‘Better Than Before‘ by Gretchen Rubin.)

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Photo Credit: Ashton Miyako


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