Hike it Baby 30 March Winner - Emily Kowtol (1)

Meet Emily and Eliot from Hike it Baby Boston!  They participated in the HiB30 March Challenge and won Tifosi Wisp sunglasses!  Congratulations!

Tell us about your favorite hike in the world
It’s a very cliche answer for a New Englander, but it’s Mt Monadnock for me. It’s challenging enough, it’s close enough, it’s views are beautiful, and I love seeing so many people out and about there. I’ve probably been on better and more exciting hikes, but when I want to go somewhere on a weekend with minimal prep and fuss, this is the best place to go.

What is the best advice for a new hiking family?
To leave an open mind that your baby/kid might surprise you! There are so many times where I’ve worried that Eliot will get fussy if we’re out too long, and he almost always surprises me with how content he is to be out. I’ve also had a few moms of toddlers tell me at the end of a walk/hike that they were surprised that their child made it so far. Sure, we’ve had meltdowns as well, but overall I’ve been amazed at how well kids do outdoors–they are always keeping us guessing!

What are your hiking goals for 2015?
I want to hike at least one rigorous hike per month. As a new mom, I’m still figuring it all out, and so I default to easier hikes generally. But at least once a month I like to try one that really challenges me. I also want to get really comfortable with our new Kelty pack. 🙂

Got a favorite trail trick?

Switching my baby from front-facing to inward-facing and back every time he gets fussy. We’ve extended walks by as much as an hour just by changing it up every time he gets bored.

What is a hiking/outdoors accomplishment with baby that you are most proud of?
Keeping up with my husband on challenging hikes, even though I’m the one carrying the baby. 🙂

Why is it important to you to have your kiddo out in nature?
Selfishly, I want to say that it’s important to get him out there so he gets used to it, because his dad and I are going to be dragging him outdoors a lot! But really, the reasons we love it are the same reasons that we want to share the outdoors with him: it’s beautiful, it’s peaceful, and we’ve never felt worse after coming in from being outside. It only makes everything better.

What kind of gear do you always suggest people get?
Well, we’ve only been out just this past winter, and in New England, that means keeping warm. I recommend the Infantino carrier cover (it’s like a giant sweatshirt for your baby), and lots of Aquaphor on their cheeks! Also, socks as mittens is a lifesaver, and SmartWool sells baby socks in the 2-pack–one for the feet and one for the hands!

Thanks to our HiB30 Challenge partner Tifosi for the awesome sunglasses!

Hike it Baby 30 March Winner - Emily Kowtol (2)


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