Winner Profile  Anna DavidCongratulations to Anna and Miranda of Hike it Baby Portland!  They competed in the HIB30 March Challenge Photo contest.  Anna’s #happyfeet photo won a new pair of MyMayu boots for Miranda!

Tell us about your favorite hike in the world!
My (now) husband and I once hiked Snow Lake in WA. We were both horribly out of shape and underprepared so it felt like we were nearly dying most of the time but the views were astounding and it was one of the first times we really had to lean on each other to make it through a challenge. We felt really accomplished when we reached the top (if not disappointed that in the middle of June snow lake was not only too far to reach in our exhausted state, but also still frozen solid so our packed swimsuits were useless), and the story is one we tell often.

Favorite Hike it Baby moment so far?

My first hike in the rain with some awesome mamas at Latourelle Falls. The rain didn’t stop us, I saw some beautiful sights for the first time with my daughter and I met some really cool ladies.

What is the best advice for a new hiking family?

Take the chance- maybe try a shorter hike to start if you’re nervous, but just go. Nature is a wonderful salve for both parents and babies.

What are your hiking goals for 2015?

To keep hiking every month with or without a challenge. To lead more hikes for NICU families and to join more HIB hikes so I can continue to make friends for myself and my daughter.

Got a favorite trail trick?

Sometimes I use one of those Mommy clips (an oversized caribeener) to haul all the snack cups and water bottles in one spot.

What is a hiking/outdoors accomplishment with baby that you are most proud of?

Hands down, hiking in the rain. It doesn’t seem like much but it really helped me turn the corner.

Why is it important to you to have your kiddo out in nature?

Oregon is a wonderland with temperate weather unlike my native state of Maine. Here we aren’t limited by snow and ice and there is so much within a short driving distance of Portland. I want my daughter to know what’s within her reach and all the awesome beauty to be enjoyed.

What kind of gear do you always suggest people get?

Waterproof hiking boots- don’t get caught with soggy sneakers on a hike.

How has Hike it Baby influenced other aspects of your life?

I think I’m just less fearful of the weather. I complain less about the rain when I’m outdoors with my daughter.

Remember, you can’t win awesome prizes from sponsors like MyMayu if you don’t join in the Challenge! Join us in June for the next HIB30 Challenge from Hike it Baby!  You can register until June 10th.

Thanks so much to our partners at MyMayu for the amazing prizes!

Winner Profile  Anna David


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