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Did you know when you lead hikes you get entered to win prizes!? Carolyn and her daughter Liliana lead weekly jogs in Portland, and were our first lead a hike contest winners. Liliana is staying nice and warm this winter thanks to the Helly Hansen they won from leading hikes! Lets take a moment and meet this unstoppable mother, daughter team!

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Tell us about your favorite hike in the world
I’ve hiked many places, but to be honest my favorite place to hike is the arboretum on my college campus, Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. It was the first time that I had spent much time on the trails. There was something magical about being able to step right out of my crowded dorm room and immediately be surrounded by nature. There were miles of trail running with huge amounts of biodiversity, most of which was native due to restoration efforts. I still think that the best places to hike are those closest to home.

Favorite Hike it Baby moment so far?
My favorite was a Pittock Mansion hike. I was running late, totally stressed from a bad baby morning, but once I was on the trail, all of that melted away. It was a great group of women, and by the end of the hike snow started falling and everything around us became quiet and peaceful.

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Tell us what you like about Hike it Baby
I like the ease that comes with hiking and chatting. Unlike a mom’s group where you are continually forced into somewhat artificial conversation, on a HIB hike, you can naturally let the conversation die down and enjoy the sounds of nature instead.

What kind of gear do you always suggest people get?
You don’t need much! Just a carrier that fits you well. I know there are those who say that their little one doesn’t like carriers (and it took Liliana a while to like hers as well). But I’ve found that if you feel comfortable and confident wearing it, even when they scream, most babies will get used to it and grow to enjoy being close.

How stoked are you about your win!? How will you use it?
Super stoked! Liliana has already had quite a few cold days made warmer by her long undies!

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Thank you to our sponsors at Helly Hansen for donating the thermals you see Liliana wearing! These are the perfect base layer for getting out on those cold days. If you want to check them out, along with all of Helly Hansens’ cool products click here

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